Measure, Analyze, & Act: Develop a Data Driven Content Marketing Strategy

Tuesday, June 11th at 11am PST / 2pm EST

Develop a Data Driven Content Strategy Webinar
Use of statistics, market research, surveys and public data to dictate a content strategy is a tactical approach to content marketing. In this month’s webinar Kaila Strong, Director of Client Strategy, will discuss data driven content marketing and it’s effective use online today. In the webinar, you’ll learn more about:

• What data driven content marketing is
• Types of data important for content marketing
• Preparing your site to measure content data
• Data driven content marketing best practices

Recorded Webinar Video


Additional Resources

How to Prove Value of Content Marketing
iAcquire Data Analysis Techniques


About the Presenter

Kaila StrongKaila Strong works directly with clients to evaluate and analyze their overall Internet Marketing needs and develop strategies and recommendations for a successful campaign. Kaila also oversees the Account Management team at Vertical Measures and trains new Account Managers.

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