Marketing Your Brand on Pinterest — May 10, 2012

Marketing Your Brand on Pinterest

Thursday, May 10, 2012

You created a Pinterest page for your brand, added boards of interest, and started pinning images. Why is your campaign not delivering the results it should?

Ardala Evans and Kaila Strong discuss how brands today can market using the ever popular site Pinterest. Did you know Pinterest is one of the top referring websites online right now? AND the site recently become the new #3 social site on the web in total visitors – edging slightly ahead of LinkedIn (According to Experian HItwise). Pinterest is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

About The Presenters

Kaila Strong

Kaila Strong

Kaila is a Sr. Account Manager at Vertical Measures. She works directly with clients to evaluate and analyze their overall Internet Marketing needs, creates sales proposals and recommendations. In addition she regularly reports on client rankings, gives SEO advice to brands in a variety of industries and manages client expectations. Kaila has a background in social media marketing, link building, SEO and content marketing. She’s an active blogger on, and an avid social media user (@cliquekaila on Twitter). She brings her experience to the table with new clients and enjoys writing about her experiences as well here on the VM blog and throughout the web.

Ardala Evans

Ardala Evans

As a Project Manager, Ardala supervises the monthly work flow for client campaigns, oversees project timelines and the compilation of client reports. She is responsible for assigning the variety of tasks to the appropriate team members and tracks the follow through of quality link building and content to ensure that the clients are well represented on the Internet. Ardala received certification in Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) and enjoys the many facets of internet marketing, SEO and content strategies. She is also very active on many platforms of social media, including Twitter (@AZArdie).

Webinar Q & A:

Q:  “How would you recommend an industry like finance (non-retail/B-to-C) leverage Pinterest?”

A:  Great question! Pinterest is a visual tool so it’s very easy to make the connection between retail companies using this social media tool to sell products to consumers. That doesn’t mean that a B-to-B company can’t effectively use Pinterest to drive branding, web traffic and ultimately, sales. You just have to think a little more visually than we typically do…

  • First, ask yourself what pictures or images you have?
    • Do you have team, client manager or leadership photos? (These can give your company a personality or a “face” you can share.)
    • Do you have product images? (Use the description to define key benefits)
    • Do you have infographics or charts explaining some important benefits for your target audience (Top 5 Ways to Save for Retirement)?
  • Next, what kind of content do you have that can be digitally shared?
    • Do you have informational videos?
    • Do you have e-books?
    • Do you have books or information that you publish and sell?
  • Be sure to follow others in your industry and interact.
    • Repin helpful and entertaining pins from others
    • Like and comment on other pins

All of these can be great starting points of imagery linking back to your site that you can share through Pinterest. Remember that women make up about 50% of the workforce and the Pinterest audience is mostly made up of college educated women between the ages of 25-44. If these demographics fall within your target market, chances are good that decision-makers or influencers are actively using Pinterest.


Q:  “Do you have any good examples of Non-Profits raising money through Pinterest?”

A:  We found an interesting article discussing how a non-profit, Opportunity International, used Pinterest for a fundraising event where donors pinned personalized squares on an online quilt ( This could be a launching point for thinking of all of the ways you could use Pinterest to promote your organization—pin corporate donor companies with links to their sites, pin volunteers or leading fundraisers, pin pictures from your fundraising events or digital images promoting your events and encourage your supporters to follow your boards and re-pin to assist you in promotion.


Q:  “How do you add the PIN to your blog?”

A:  Be sure to add a Pin-it button to the posts, which you can find here:  Otherwise, when a visitor is on your blog and decides to pin something, she is actually entering in a URL address or uses a pinning tool from their browser. In either case, Pinterest searches the page for images or video to “pin”. So when you create your blog post make sure you incorporate images, infographics or videos that would attract your audience to share on their Pinterest boards.


Q:  “How can I pin my products on other people’s boards?”

A:  Unfortunately, the only way you can pin on others’ boards is if you have been given the administrative access to pin on their board. When a board is created or updated, specific profiles can be given access to pin.

Don’t have permission? Don’t be discouraged!

You can definitely look to influence pinning. In our webinar there were some great examples of “Pin-it-to-win-it” contests. We also provided some tips on building your own Pinterest account and creating boards that attract traffic/re-pinning. Use the Pinterest categories, your image selection (let the photo speak 1000 words) and an optimized description to help your product pins come up in other Pinterest user searches.