Beyond Optimization: Elevating Your Content with Google Authorship

Beyond Optimization: Elevating Your Content with Google Authorship

Since Google introduced authorship markup in June 2011, it has become an increasingly strong signal of quality content for the search engine. Verified authors enjoy perks that give their content visibility to stand out from the competition. In this free webinar David Gould, the Creative Services Director at Vertical Measures, gives you a start-to-finish look at Google Authorship and AuthorRank, including:

  • The SEO benefits of being a verified author
  • How to set up your authorship
  • Multiple options for linking your content to your profile
  • Tips for building your AuthorRank

Whether you’re an established content producer or just getting off the ground, Google Authorship can be a difference maker for your content marketing success.

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Q: What is the best Author Bio plugin for WordPress?

There are several plugins out there that are customizable enough to suit the need of adding a Google Author link to a content piece. We use WP About Author (, a clean, simple plugin that allows for a bio blurb, general social links, and custom links like a Google Author bio. It also allows you to customize which areas of your site you want the author bios to appear.

Q: Are there any brands that you feel are doing a good job managing Google + Authorship? 

The ones I’ve seen have been primarily in the SEO or online marketing industries (like the Vertical Measures blog) – though it’s not surprising that they’d be the early adopters. You’d be surprised at the number of big brands publishing solid content that aren’t using authorship (even those already using rel=”author” markup like Zillow, Johnson & Johnson and Sharpie.).

Additional Resources

Authorship setup

Google’s overview of setting up verified authorship:

The Google Webmaster video discussing authorship and setup

Rich Snippet Testing Tool

Once you’ve set up your Authorship, you can test a sample authored URL at the link above to verify it’s configured correctly for Google, and see how it might display as a rich snippet.

Authorship stats –

As your verified content gets indexed by Google, you can view it collectively in Webmaster Tools, along with overall impressions, click-through stats and average ranking position for relevant terms.

Engagement Bonus Links

My post discussing the additional search result links you get for engaging content

About the Presenter

David Gould, Creative Services Director

David GouldDavid comes to the team with over a decade of experience in online development. As the Creative Services Director, David is responsible for the look and functionality of the Vertical Measures website, blog and online applications. His programming skills allow him to complement form with function: with a strong technical background, he is able to combine innovative design with dynamic programming. David developed and maintains Vertical Measures’ proprietary project management software, EDWARD, and contributes to the design of the company’s visual branding materials.

He also oversees the technology needs of Vertical Measures. He is responsible for maintaining internal systems, including the information systems, communication networks and software.