15 Apr 2010

Introducing the Intelligent Internet Marketing Internship Program

April 15, 2010VM News

For the past two months, Vertical Measures has secretly been developing an exclusive training program meant only for those that can withstand copious amounts of valuable information and endless hours of fun.

We are officially launching our competitive internship training program in which participants will be introduced to the exciting world of internet marketing. This program will open doors to many opportunities as the interns will have access to not only to the Vertical Measures staff and our knowledge, but also to other experts in the industry.
Vertical Measures has designed a curriculum specifically for the training program. This includes training in search engine optimization, link building, social media marketing, online public relations, online reputation management, traditional marketing, article and blog post writing and editing, email marketing, content creation and promotion. Interns will also have the opportunity to attend networking events, such as the monthly Arizona Interactive Marketing Association socials in which different experts from across the county share their expertise on various topics related to Interactive marketing and search engine optimization.
The idea of the program came about as we discussed how we should continue to handle our growth. Since this time last year, Vertical Measures has more than doubled in size. We have interviewed countless candidates and found that the majority of the population doesn’t know much about SEO, but many want to learn. To prepare for future growth, we decided to head to the local colleges and seek out students eager to learn about the industry and with our curriculum, cultivate our own Internet marketing experts.
The resumes are already pouring in and interviews are starting now! We are looking to fill positions for both the summer and the fall. Our ideal scenario is that we like you and you like us and the position evolves into one that is permanent and full-time when the need is there. But, if the shoe just doesn’t fit, Vertical Measures will still help them launch their career by providing letters of recommendation, contacts at other companies, and so on.
Candidates should possess the following:
1.     Organizational skills, adaptability and accountability
2.     Enthusiasm for marketing and web industries
3.     Motivation and a positive attitude
4.     Ability to take instruction and work independently
5.     Good command of grammar, spelling and punctuation
6.     The ability to work in jeans and a T-shirt every day
If you or someone you know is interested in this exclusive internship program and in applying, visit the Vertical Measures Internet marketing internship page or send resumes to Ardala Evans, ardalae {at} verticalmeasures.com.


  • Cathy Henry Apr 16, 2010

    A very interesting concept. There are so many misconceptions and copious amounts of mis-information out there in the internet marketing industry today. It is brilliant to train people the right way before deciding to take them into your team.
    Best wishes for success,


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  • ASP .Net Programmer Jul 05, 2010

    I am interested to do such kind of tanning program , which do give tectis of internet marketing.

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