06 May 2013

Full Credit For Your Ticket and Airfare to BlueGlassX LA

May 06, 2013VM News


If you are reading this, it is highly likely you know about the shutdown of BlueGlass Interactive and the cancellation of their May event – BlueGlassX in Los Angeles.

We really liked what Will Critchlow and the folks at Distilled are doing by offering BlueGlassX ticket holders the opportunity to exchange your ticket in order to be able to attend SearchLove in Boston around the same time period.

We also feel bad for the speakers and attendees who planned on attending BlueGlassX and only in the past few days were you able to learn the fate of that event.  In fact, I had told one of the people close to the situation that I would be willing to fill in for any of the speakers at the event, if it meant all the people who had paid in advance could still have an event to attend.

We also know that for many of you, it might be impossible for you to quickly head to the East coast for SearchLove. So in that spirit, Vertical Measures would like to offer all of the BlueGlassX ticketholders a 100% credit for both their BlueGlassX tickets and non-refundable airfare towards any of our services.  No strings attached. This includes the speakers too.  If speakers have airfare they now have to eat, we will apply that amount towards our services.

Just like Will said, we are really going to have to use the honor system here.  If you were able to get refunds for your tickets (BlueGlassX or airfare), then please allow us to help those that were impacted financially – that’s what this is all about. Our amazing community steps up when necessary and we feel this is one of those times to act.

If you are interested in the offer, please contact Patty Adams (PattyA [at] VerticalMeasures.com) or 602-314-3467 and let her know your situation.



  • Melissa Fach May 06, 2013

    Arnie, this is an amazing thing to do for people. I am super impressed!

  • Arnie Kuenn May 06, 2013

    Thanks Melissa – it’s such a sad and shocking thing. Just hoping we can help some people out.

  • Sarah Schager May 06, 2013

    I’m proud to work for a company that’s able to offer this type of help within our online marketing community!

  • Arnout Hellemans (@hellemans) May 06, 2013

    Very cool, hopefully I don’t need this. But I really love the spirit! Kudo’s to all of you @ verticalmeasures!

  • David Temple May 06, 2013

    Great job stepping up Arnie!

  • Doc Sheldon May 06, 2013

    Class act, Arnie! Nice to see folks stepping up and supporting each other this way. Kudos to Will and you!