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May 25th, 2011 • By:  • Video Marketing

I didn’t nail it EXACTLY, but last month I wrote a post about YouTube being on pace to hit 48 hours of video uploaded every minute. I thought it might happen in March, but definitely in 2011.

Today, in a blog post, YouTube announced that they have indeed hit the 48 hour mark, as well as 3 BILLION views a day (an equally ridiculous statistic). The post has a little infographic and some other fun facts.

It’s no surprise, as lately it seems everyone is getting in on the action.
YouTube has become part of the information-sharing infrastructure that we rely on for everything from the silly to the serious.

People use YouTube…

So, once again, here’s my interpretation of what that stat really means.

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As creative producer, Krys is involved with every Vertical Measures project that requires content. He brings his creative mind to ideating, copy writing, and video production and manages teams of designers, web developers, and other creative professionals on bigger projects. His experience in arts and technology make him versatile, and his experience working for non-profit agencies helps him get the most out of a budget.

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5 Responses to “Another 48 Hours”

  1. Aaron B Says:

    That is crazy–48 hours of video uploaded every MINUTE?!?!? And 3 billion views a day. What a powerful tool. Thanks for sharing and way go on the estimate of when!! We’ll definitely have to utilize this better than we have been on for our brand.

  2. KrysVS Says:

    Aaron – absolutely, you guys could pursue some “related videos” strategy there on a few fronts.
    Get on it! :)

  3. Jerry L Says:

    Interesting stats in your video.

    My apologies for the noob question, but what is a “related videos” strategy? We’ve been trying some video marketing recently, but have only had limited success.

  4. KrysVS Says:

    Hi Jerry, no apology needed. :)
    A related videos strategy has a focus on videos that are more likely to be stumbled upon than searched for. SmartDraw might be able to do that with some pieces that might not typically be thought of as “marketing videos.”
    I’d love to chat with you about it. – i’m krysvs [at] verticalmeasures [dotcom]

  5. rishi Says:


    thanks for your information and guidiance I have bookmarked the site, will take benefits in near future…

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