Vertical Measures has the privilege of servicing more than 80 clients from all around the world.  Many are household names known to all.  As with most reputable Internet marketing companies, we seek clients who are committed to search marketing as a part of their overall marketing budget.  Therefore most of our clients have been with us for quite a while.  The longest being well over two years.  Normally we do not accept engagements shorter than six months.

However, many of our clients also like to keep us a secret.  After all, would you want your competitors to know how you achieved such high rankings, great social media presence or solid conversions? Many of  our clients routinely execute non-disclosure agreements with us, therefore, we cannot disclose their names or results.

A number of our clients love us so much that they’ve agreed us to share their names in our Client Portfolio.  We also provide 100% authentic testimonials from our clients.  Some of which are listed below.

“Just a heads up – between link building and infographic efforts, our newest site went from being in the 10th position on page 2 of results to the 1st position on the 2nd page this past week.  I’m really happy with that, since we’d previously pushed the main site, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts up on the 1st page.” – Alan

“In 90 days, you tripled our pages views and doubled our leads while actually lowering our overall marketing expense.  We look forward to working with you long into the future!”
- Paul

“Today we have reached a milestone.  We are now #1 under all three keywords. Your team has done so well in such a short time, I am grateful and very pleased to say the least.” -Anonymous

“Check out that ranking report! Awesome work! ” -Matt

“I have the utmost respect for James and his comprehensive knowledge on the subject (Google Analytics).”- Janet

“These are excellent infographics. I love them! ” -Angelo

“You are awesome! Thank you! “-Lara

“Congrats on getting my clients’ keyword to #1 in Google — is my client super-happy? I would think he would be (and probably worried about all the new leads he is getting).” -Mark

“We’ve been following the campaign and see that some of the keywords are inching closer to first page results. The higher ups are sufficiently impressed enough to want to explore expanding our relationship somewhat.” -Bryan

“I think your work for us thus far has been superb. If anything, I’m shocked that our traffic hasn’t exploded considering all the improvements that have been made over the last 3 months.” -Ed

“Thanks. I was just reviewing the progress over the last 6 months and I think that the results are positive overall. We have had some incremental gains and at least one significant jump (one keyword went from #57 to #3)”. -Anonymous

“Phenominal!!!  You guys are doing an awesome job!” -Douglas

“There’s some great progress here! Thanks, Patty! Keep up the good work (to you and your team!)”. -Kristen

“I am a qualified SEO/SEM so I recognize results and I’m very pleased with your services to date… thanks for all your hard work …”-Robert

“Compared with October 2007 which was a Google spending high for us, this month represented a 94% decrease in Google Adwords spending with only an 11% decrease in order volume. Good stuff. Obviously I attribute this to the work you’ve done…”  - Andrew

“I just did a Google search for (keyword phrase) and we’re on the first page of the results!  Let’s keep the momentum going.” –H.

“I have been with Vertical Measures a little over one year, and I have definitely seen major improvements in my search traffic. They are a very professional and I highly recommend them.” -Oliver

“We are on first page of Google now (took us FIVE YEARS) for our major search term.  We thank Vertical Measures for this… We were solid on SEO for 4 years, but I can definitively tell you now that Vertical Measures has pushed us up that one extra level (page) on Google.” -Robert

“Your ability to communicate with our management team and to our webmasters is outstanding.  We will be telling everyone we know about Vertical Measures and the job you did for us!” -Kathy

“I can say this is working.  I got two leads from the website from real prospects during the last week.   So far so good.”  -Jeff

“Yes, we have moved up….Wow.  (we check) our keyword searches to see where we are and have been thrilled.  So Thanks So Much!” -Sally

“Hi Arnie – Looks good.  We’ve been tracking revenue from your keywords, and see some nice results there too.”  -Brian

“It was perfect! She did an AWESOME job- they loved her and learned a lot. She was very receptive and answered questions very thoroughly. I didn’t hear anyone leave feeling confused or rejected. Plus she had a great can-do attitude.” -Kimber

“Great work!!  That page rank update (seen some effect on ALL sites) has really unveiled the work you’ve been doing…. excellent results!” -Rob

“Thanks, Arnie, for all your hard work”. –Chelsea

“I never get tired of hearing from talented people from organizations that are trying to help me launch my business…..so take that as a big thanks to you and your staff!” -Marc

“Love the articles btw, very happy!  Once I get this site done I’ll be ordering more!”-Ron

Please let us know if you would like more information or specific reference accounts.  Just use our more information page, or call us at 888-476-1881.