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Accelerate!: Move Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing

Accelerate! is a content marketing book for small to large organizations eager to develop or enhance their online marketing strategy to grow their business.

Accelerate by Arnie Kuenn

This book includes:

  • Content strategy (and its business value) explained in plain language
  • Steps to optimize your various types of content
  • How to make smarter, achievable decisions about which content to create
  • How to maintain consistent, accurate, compelling content over time
  • Using social media marketing to promote your content
  • Exploration of the underlying theory behind SEO and how search engines work
  • Examination of a number of advanced strategies and tactics
  • A glimpse of the future of search and what lies ahead for the SEO industry
  • BONUS: This book includes 16 content concepts for your business

Whether you’re a SEO expert or new to internet marketing, the techniques covered in this Internet marketing book will give you everything you need to place your website at the top of the major search engines in 2011 and beyond! Buy it on AMAZON today!

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