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17 Apr 2009

Social Media Links In Google: What Changed?

Google is continually changing and editing their algorithms to fit industry and consumer demands. Matt Cutt’s, from Google, updates his blog often and fields some user questions regarding their changes, answering them via video. What a great way to connect with online users, and gives me some ideas about video marketing…..I digress. The video below shows Cutt’s fielding the question: "Has Google changed the relevancy it awards to social media sites in the last six months?". My initial answer would be yes, as I have seen changes myself in SERPs. Cutt’s response might not surprise many of us in the industry, however. 

I found the video quite informational, even if Cutt’s tends to just barely touch the surface of a complete answer. He explains that Google takes into consideration links, and how useful they are on a page. Of course, this applies to social media sites indirectly. Google’s intention on the recent updates has not been to give more weight to social media sites; however a small change was made to the overall weighting for some links and anchors. Cutt’s goes on to explain that this may affect social media, but that’s not what was intended. 

Have you seen changes in your SERPs after the most recent change? Share with us!