08 Jul 2009

Funny Story in The Arizona Republic

find-us-on-facebookReading the newspaper is becoming a thing of the past. Arnie here at Vertical Measures, however, still reads a hard copy every once in a while. This morning he shared a great piece with me called "All a-Twitter over ‘the’ Facebook" by E.J. Montini. Yes, you read that correctly, ‘the’ Facebook. E.J. discusses the joys of Facebook, from his point of view.

More and more journalists are joining social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, to do just what E.J. is doing. He states, "a practical journalist in 2009 must view other Internet sites as a way to funnel readers to his Web-based outlet". Newspapers are failing, big time. Turning to online markets is the only way some have a chance to keep their readers.

Check out E.J.’s post and let me know what you think. (Arnie loved it.) 

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1 Comment

  • Jenny Jul 08, 2009

    Physical newspapers had to turn to the Internet and offer an online version of themselves if they didn’t want to remain out of date. Now, they have to deal with more ways _especially online_ in which their audience receives the news. Looking into what FB or Twitter or any of the kind are doing, and studying the way in which people interact with these sites and creates information to share with others is essential if they want to survive in the near future.