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12 Jun 2009

Optimize Your Facebook Page

Exciting news this week…well for me at least (maybe you too). Facebook is going to allow for vanity URLs; finally jumping on the band wagon with sites like MySpace and Twitter which already allow them. What does this mean for you? If you don’t really know, you should. 

Vanity URLs in social media help with: natural/organic search, branding, and for SEO purposes. Searchers are able to identify the correct page they are looking for, effortlessly remember the URL, and search engines are able to identify keywords with ease. Pay particular attention to the keyword you choose as your Vanity URL. Try to choose your company name and/or your major keywords. Example: "http://www.unknownsite.com/linkbuildingbyverticalmeasures". 
It’s important to remember, however, that optimization does not stop with just simply choosing your vanity URL. Also important is the onsite optimization of your social media page and publicity of your page:  
 1)       Treat your page like you would a normal website.
a)       Publish fresh, unique, and interesting content.
b)       Be keyword conscious.
c)       Interact and participate, get comments, and get traffic.
d)       Add video and pictures.
2)       Start building links to your profile, or at least publicizing it a bit.
a)       Tell your friends about your new pages.
b)       Include your new social profiles in your next client newsletter.
c)       Get badges/buttons to put on the homepage of your website.
With Facebook’s switch to vanity URLs you are sure to see Facebook showing up in the SERPs higher than even Twitter, thus reason to spend the time to optimize. Food for thought:
find-us-on-facebookFacebook: Has more than 200 million active users, 100 million of which log on at least once a day. More than 6 million users become fans of pages each day, and more than 30 million users access via mobile device.
Where will you be at 12:01 AM EST June 13th? I know where I will be — on Facebook trying to secure my vanity URL!
**One last note: Don’t forget about our "Boost Your Juice" contest, ending June 15th. Get working on your videos this weekend, and submit before the deadline!