03 Jul 2009

Independence Day: Glad to be an American

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: KaCey97007If you’ve been reading headlines in the past week or so you’ve likely seen two things prevalently: the citizens of Iran are angry, and Michael Jackson has died. Has anyone else noticed how insane the coverage is of Jackson’s death? Not surprising, considering the media has always been obsessed with the life he lead, but it’s starting to get OLD. I’d like to see more media attention regarding the issues in Iran, and China as well!

As Americans we are extremely lucky to live in a country with the freedom to freely live. Freedom to speak and write how you feel is just one of the many natural born rights we enjoy. Others live in a world never knowing if the government is going to allow you to do something as basic as post a blog, a video to YouTube, a message to Twitter, or have an independent thought.Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: harrystaab
Imagine if here in the U.S. we were restricted on what we could search for or view online. I certainly wouldn’t have this job that’s for sure, and likely you wouldn’t either. There is constant debate whether our shift toward mobilization is actually a good thing. Countries like China and Iran are trying to take steps to keep their public uninformed about worldly events, and prevent them from sharing events that should be known worldwide. These countries, in essence, are prohibiting their citizens from thinking independently, and recognizing that the restrictions enforced by their government deny them of their inherently born rights.
This Fourth of July holiday think about those in countries like China and Iran, and cherish the rights you have in the U.S. Post a Twitter message gosh darn it, comment on a blog, and participate in a discussion on your chosen online forum.
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons: KaCey97007 and harrystaab.

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  • dental implants Southampton Jul 05, 2009

    I have to admit that I currently enjoy the right and privilege of having no one setting a boundary on what sites I could and could not go into. The world wide web is as much free as our right to breathe I believe, and people should not be hinder by their governments for doing what they want… I guess china is taking a step back to primitive times and keeping the people out of everything outside their domain… Tsk that is really sad because China is booming and yet they are behaving like this…