22 May 2012

How to Increase Your Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook EdgeRank

Do you ever feel like your Facebook posts are just going unnoticed? You post something that you think is really interesting, yet practically no one comments or likes it at all. The reason is probably because you have a low Edge Rank score, which means very few people in your network actually even saw your post.

EdgeRank is the algorithm Facebook uses to determine what items will populate people’s newsfeeds. It places a value on posts, and it is what determines potentially how many people will see the post and engage with it. As your edge rank increases, your page’s visibility will increase and your fan base will naturally grow.  Understanding the algorithm is the first step to taking full advantage of your potential reach.

Facebook EdgeRank Equation

The equation for EdgeRank is illustrated above. As you can see, there are three factors including affinity, weight and time.  Affinity is the relationship between the viewing user and the edge creator. Weight is dependent on what type of post it is (text, photos, video, etc), and how much engagement it’s getting. Facebook seems to value rich media content like photos and videos. Comments and likes increase its weight, with comments weighing it a little heavier. Also, tagging the photo with people and location may help to increase its weight. The third factor is time. With this factor, newer is better.

Now that you understand what EdgeRank is, here are a few tips to increase your score:

Post on Optimal Days

The best days of the week to post is going to vary based on what type of business you are. If you are an internet marketing company, then your best days are going to be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. However, if you manage a social media page for a bar, your best days might be on Friday and Saturdays. Use Facebook insights to determine when your fans are most responsive to your posts.

Post at Optimal Times

Data shows that the best times to post on average for all brands is between 1:00PM and 3:00PM EST. This is based on the fact that this is when people are most active on Facebook. However, it’s still strongly suggested that you analyze your own insights to determine your most optimal times. Your brands demographic may be more active on Facebook in the morning, and you could miss out on this if most of your posts are later in the afternoon.

Post Consistently

Posting at least once a day is a good rule of thumb, especially when your brand is new to Facebook. When you grow your fan base, you’ll be able to increase that number. However, you don’t want to post too often and annoy your fans. On the other hand, don’t post 4 times one week, then not post anything for 2 weeks straight. You need to be consistent so your fans know what to look forward to, and so you can ultimately spark that interaction.

Post Relevant Content

Make sure the content you are posting is relevant to your brand. Blog posts and industry related news articles are a great place to start. Make sure to limit the number of posts with links to your own site or products, especially if you are an e-commerce site. If fans think that you are just on Facebook to push products, they will become less interested in your page. Also remember that Facebook seems to favor rich media, so including photos and videos in your posts regularly can help as well.

Build a Community

To get your fans to interact with your posts regularly, you have to make them feel like they are a part of something. Asking them to share, giving shout-outs on their accomplishments or having contests that incentivize them to interact are all great strategies. One brand that is doing a great job with this is Scuba Diver Life. They consistently post fan questions such as “What is the best diving resort in Puerto Rico?” and ask other fans to answer. So the fan asking gets multiple opinions, and the community gets to share their thoughts, discuss, and compare. This has increased their edge rank dramatically, allowing more and more fans to interact and give advice.

Encourage a Response

It’s as simple as that. You need to craft posts that encourage a response. Ask questions, and don’t be afraid to directly ask fans to “like” your post once in awhile.

Overall, EdgeRank isn’t all that complicated. Focus on your insights, follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to a higher score and increased reach.


  • Nick Stamoulis May 22, 2012

    In order to improve engagement, you need to post content that followers will care about. Share links to blog posts, articles, etc. but switch it up too. Post a picture or a video and ask followers questions. Remember, it’s about being social. If it’s just one way communication people may begin to tune you out or stop following altogether.

  • Sarah Schager May 22, 2012

    Nick, you’re absolutely right about that. It’s probably the number one rule in social media, and yet so many people fail to follow it. Talking with, instead of at, and encouraging responses is how you get your fans involved! Thanks for reading.

  • Arie Mittman May 22, 2012

    Great article Sarah! Is this the same for a business’s fan page as well as a personal account? Either way I am sending this to my social media coordinator!

  • Ben Holland May 22, 2012

    Would that be Dianne Smith?

  • Sarah Schager May 22, 2012

    Thanks Arie, I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. This is actually written for business fan pages, so yes! Thanks for passing it on!

  • David McCormick May 23, 2012

    Nice reminder Sarah. It’s funny how many clients just can’t seem to get on board with these fundamentals isn’t it? They see FB as a way to just constantly drive their product rather than a conversation with real people. If we keep at them they’ll eventually get it!

  • Sarah Schager May 23, 2012

    I hope so David, I hope so!

  • Julius Gyaviira May 23, 2012

    From personal experience what I usually do is share my post with friends that have a high number of friends and I also encourage those that comment to share it with their friends if they find it good.
    Now I got more skill to improve on the technique that I have been using making it a win win situation for me on facebook. Keep such content coming in, I am always eager to learn.

  • Frances May 25, 2012

    I’ve always thought that “EdgeRank” was a difficult issue to understand. But it isn’t — at least not the way you describe it. I see now that it all boils down to best practices. I think once you consistently provide great content, the community will build itself.

  • Sarah Schager May 29, 2012

    Frances, I agree that it all starts with producing great content. However, if the way you present the content isn’t up to par, it won’t reach as many readers. Thanks for your comment!

  • Christine Morrow Nov 05, 2012

    Facebook, and other social media platforms all have a certain niche you have to attend to and find the right target audience. It really is a science. One of my Facebook pages targets mothers, teachers and a certain profession. I have to post at certain times of the day for the mothers and a different time for the professionals and teachers with their respective posts.

    Great article! Very informative and enjoyable :)