Hootsuite Does it Again!

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Back in November we blogged about Hootsuite’s Facelift: adding multiple new features such as management of Facebook profiles, MySpace profiles, WordPress blogs, and even LinkedIn. Today, Hootsuite has upgraded their Twitter platform yet again, and integrated many features that users (like myself) are super happy about.

Twitter rolled out their solution to multi-tweeters a few weeks ago (to a few select companies), and Hootsuite has now integrated their version into their platform. Team collaboration on Hootsuite is easier than ever, allowing team owners to control the account and invite other team members to manage an individual account. Team owners can manage the roles of each individual team member, including revoking access with the click of a button.
Watch out for Hootsuite’s upcoming webinars on using their system for team collaboration. It looks like they’re focusing in on being the go to platform for multi-user twitter accounts, corporate accounts, and agencies/consultants as well. They’re working on an assignments component which will allow team members to annotate posts in their columns and assign them out to other team members for follow up. This will give owners an audit trail, and allow for better organization when managing multi contributor accounts.  
In addition, the developers over at Hootsuite have added a few extra features like the ‘reply all’ function. Want to @ reply ALL users in a tweet? Simply hit ‘reply all’ and you can. Previously your only option was to reply, and the system auto replied to the first person in the tweet.
With the new advancements made to their system overnight, and those planned for the future, it appears they are certainly well on their way to creating a platform perfected for agencies and for in house twitter contributor teams.
Do you use Hootsuite? What do you like (or dislike) about the platform?



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