Social Media Marketing Services

The most frequented websites on the Internet are social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.  Launching an online marketing campaign to establish your brand on these top social media websites is an opportunity not to be missed.

Our social media marketing services will:

  • Assist in capturing the large audience spending time on social media sites
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide excellent opportunities for visitor engagement
  • Help drive prospects and customers to your call to action web pages
  • Market your products or services in a more personal way
  • Provide a platform for enhanced customer service which increases customer loyalty
  • Gain insight on desired products or services

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Social Media Strategy Development

In order to determine how best to leverage your social media marketing, we can perform an in-depth analysis for your brand including keyword research. Keeping your goals and your competition in mind, we create a comprehensive social media strategy that includes: social mention overview and recommendations, Klout review, site specific (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) social strategy and topic suggestions. You will have in hand an executable plan and strategy that will work to expose your brand on multiple platforms.

Social Media Setup

Facebook and Twitter are, of course, the two social sharing sites that first come to mind. But is your brand on Google+ and Pinterest? These two sites are seeing very high growth and may be excellent opportunities for engagement and driving traffic to your site. Imagine photos of your products being shared by numerous users each with a link back to your site. Pinterest is proving to be a real boon for brands and ecommerce sites.

Social Media Maintenance

Once your social media accounts are set up, now it’s time to start interacting. We can actually do this for you. We will monitor and participate on each of your social media profiles regularly. From interacting with others in the community, to building up your profile as an authority, you will see your reach growing. Posting photos and videos, asking questions, contests, polling, sharing interesting industry facts, highlighting new products or services are just a few of the ways we encourage engagement on your profiles.

Reporting and Statistics

How to know if your social media efforts are successful is very important to your online marketing strategy. As part of maintaining your social media accounts, you will receive extensive reports that will provide you with data, click through rates, and much more. You’ll be able to see our endeavors in action, the work of your current brand advocates, and statistics to go along with the work accomplished throughout the month.

Brand & Online Reputation Management

Evaluating how your brand has been discussed in the past, in the present, and projections for the future is integral to not only online reputation management, but also to an effective social media marketing campaign. That’s why, using advanced search capabilities, we delve into the topics discussed regarding your brand by third parties prior to starting your campaign, throughout the campaign, and look to the future to strategize on molding your future brand advocates.
Allow Vertical Measures partner with you to create effective social media marketing campaign. Let us know about your goals today!

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