Local Search Citation Audits

How do you rank higher for local search terms? Most businesses are surprised to learn that the most effective way to improve local rankings is by keeping your business name, address, and phone number consistent in local listings. Let us guide your audit and make sure you show up where you should be on the local search results.

Local Search Citation Audits

Local Search Citation Audit Services:

We’ll uncover any local search inconsistencies and hand you a detail-oriented, and actionable plan.

The best way to know exactly where your brand stands is to manually review each and every listing for your location. Have multiple business locations? We do that too. Our team of local search experts will:

  • Review up to 52 of the top local citation websites where your brand is listed
  • Examine your brand’s website and onsite elements where local signal emphasis is recommended
  • With additional time or budget, review niche local citation websites applicable to your specific industry
  • Conduct keyword research as needed for geo-specific keywords used to better optimize onsite content

Hundreds of business listings exist online, but we feel strongly our top 52 are the most effective at driving traffic and signals online. That’s why we have limited our local citation and cleanup services to these sites that have proved to be the most effective.

Local Search Citation Audit Services

Outsource your citation cleanup and let us help you increase your local rankings today.

Local Citation Cleanup Services

Local Citation Cleanup Services

Create uniformity in your local online presence. Increase your local rankings today.

With our local citation cleanup services, we’ll take what we learn from our audit and start the process of fixing local citation inconsistencies. Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) cleanup may require claiming a listing, updating a listing, deleting a duplicate listing, merging listings, or verifying your business’ information. Our experts have years of experience combing through citations, reaching out to business citation websites, and creating uniformity in your local online presence.

Save time by working with our team of experts to conduct the tedious task of citation cleanup.

We Drive Local Traffic Effectively

Whether you’re a one-location business or have multiple locations throughout the U.S., we’ll help you increase organic traffic with our citation services. Learn more from our experts about what your local audience cares about, what keywords they use to search for your brand and which sites they frequent to gain insights about your location. Our local citation clients have benefited from:

  • Increased rankings for local pack results – now only 3 precious spots left!
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Increased number of pages ranking in Google’s index
  • Increased number of local keywords and local branded keywords

Our Experts

Our team is prepared to take on even the most complicated of local citation projects. From citation audits to onsite local search review, we are well seasoned at the tactics and strategies it takes to rank your website better for local terms. After working with us, you’ll walk away with actionable solutions that drive results. Ask us how we can help today.

Ready to increase your local search presence? Get started with an audit.