Quality Link Building Service

Links are still the currency of the internet, regardless of what industry pundits may say. Link development is one of the most potent tools to build traffic to your content and convert digital strangers into qualified leads. Try our high-quality link building services to help build traffic and authority for your website, providing more traffic and higher rankings.


Link Earning (Better than Link Building)

Link building, or as we like to call it “Link Earning” continues to be a vital and proven method in the SEO and content marketing world. That being said, we understand that many businesses are cautious about link building due to search engine algorithm updates which may penalize websites for unnatural link acquisition. Our approach is to take every precaution necessary in order to ensure quality results are achieved.

Earning links is a huge part of what we do at Vertical Measures and is part of our Promotion phase of our proven 8-Step Process. We focus on getting your brand in front of the eyes of relevant visitors on high-quality websites. Our years of experience and emphasis on a natural and honest approach ensures lasting results.


How Links Generate Traffic for You

  1. We start with developing a link strategy where our experts discover natural ways sites like yours could be earning links.
  2. We look into where qualified traffic goes to find information about your type of business.
  3. Next, we conduct a competitive backlink analysis to get a feel for where you are in comparison to your biggest competitors.
  4. We then execute targeted link research to uncover promotional link opportunities.

Throughout our process, we provide useful recommendations to you as well as partner with you to help earn the best links possible. Our team not only dedicates time to obtaining valuable links through using our proven tactics but have developed processes over time to do so efficiently. You’re benefiting from our years of experience in this field earning links from authoritative sites.

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Various Link Earning Services

For us, link earning is an art. It requires in-depth research, outside-the-box brainstorming, and thoughtful customization. By taking the focus away from counting links and focusing on authority and quality, we find more success with the research-oriented approach to link earning.


Targeted Link Research

A service we offer to our link earning clients looking for our help to develop a strategy to earn links and get the most impact out of their campaign. The initial month is solely earmarked for research, allowing our link builders to craft the best strategy, research leverageable assets on a client’s site and take the time to truly vet authoritative opportunities


Targeted Link Acquisition

A service we offer to our clients after they’ve completed Targeted Link Research activities. Our team utilizes the vetted list from our research to reach out to webmasters and obtain the links we identified. With in-depth research, content development, finding the right contact, relationship building and thorough follow-up, we work diligently to earn the most authoritative links available in your niche.


Competitive Link Research

A service we offer which analyzes the backlinks of competitors. Ideally, competitors whom you look to as the most authoritative in your industry should be identified. This research can uncover low hanging fruit opportunities, as well as help identify key performance indicators for your campaign and aid in goal setting. We highly recommend this activity for all our clients as it helps our team determine the best possible strategy.


Customized Link Strategy, Research or Training

Customized projects that can kick start your link earning. Discuss your needs with our team by requesting more information today. Our experts can provide customized and highly specialized services based on your immediate need.


Our Pledge to Quality

We don’t attest to having any secret magical formula, but we certainly know what tactics will benefit your SEO strategy rather than harm it. Our expert internal staff builds quality, organic, and natural links while applying the doctrines of RELEVANCY, AUTHORITY, and CAUTION. Utilizing the most advanced and contemporary industry tools available, our team carefully scrutinizes every link that we secure on your behalf to ensure that your product and services are presented to appropriate audiences and adheres to the best practices on all search engines.

Our Customized Approach

Earning quality and authoritative links is not just about increasing the ranking of your website. It’s also about getting quality traffic to your site. You don’t want tons of traffic that produces no results. That’s what we call low-quality traffic. Instead, you want quality traffic. Traffic that will result in leads and conversions for your business. Our customized approach not only focuses on earning links from authoritative sites, but we also focus on the traffic that will result from the opportunities we find and the links we help you earn.

Link Building Strategies that Move the Needle

Still wondering how can we produce results for you? Check out what our SEO Link Manager, Kayla Tarantino, has to say about the why, when and how of link development and content marketing.


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