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Local SearchAs the number of searches with local intent continue to increase, moving into or maintaining a prime position in local search results is tantamount to the success of your business. If your business is not showing up in the local results, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to drive traffic. To move this process forward, it’s important to maximize your online presence in local search listings, directories, and authoritative sites pertaining to your niche. As you have probably noticed, Google, Yahoo and Bing now have a section for their local search results and those are above the organic results, proving just how important it is for your business to be ranked in those local results. A high ranking is an essential element in putting your products and services in front of qualified customers.

With local search marketing, your business can:

  • Target consumers with local specific keywords
  • Obtain higher rankings in local search queries
  • Increase visibility with mobile users
  • Drive traffic and generate business
  • Receive valuable consumer reviews

What constitutes a winning local search strategy is constantly being rewritten by the search engines. As search engines turn to mixed or “blended” search results, the influence of social and traditionally organic SEO practices (link building) on your local strategy will rise where competition is high. No matter the level of competition your business faces, we will conceptualize and implement a thorough plan to ensure that the search engines and potential customers recognize you as an authority in your niche.

With our local search marketing services, we are attuned to the factors that influence the results and create customized campaigns for clients that include a variety of tactics, both onsite and off-site, that will better your local search visibility and rankings.

Customized Local Search for Your Business

At Vertical Measures, we understand that your business is unique. We will come up with the best way to distinguish your business from your competitors in an ever changing local eco-system. This shifting environment doesn’t necessarily entail a complete overhaul of effective strategies. Tried and true methods of local search marketing are as useful as ever, and your business would be wise to rely on them. We weave these trusted strategies in with newer ones, such as how to capitalize on local social signals in competitive industries and locations, to provide your business with the best approach to local search.

We have learned that when it comes to implementing a local search strategy, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This means changing an individual signal will have minimal influence on your rankings. Instead, to maximize your standing in local search results, keeping up with all the different moving parts has a positive impact on your ranking. Thus, our approach to your business is a holistic one encompassing a wide variety of strategies to get your business the ranking it needs.

Keyword Research

Before we begin your local search campaign, we must determine which geo-local keywords should be targeted for your business. We can conduct a detailed keyword analysis, discovering which geo-local keywords need to be targeted in order to attract better traffic to your site and to your location. Our nuanced approach will analyze the best way to use keyword placement within existing and new profiles that drive your local search in a positive direction. We provide our findings to you and incorporate those keyword phrases into your local search campaign.

Local Search Citation Prospecting and Submission

In creating your customized campaign, we seek out the best citation opportunities that are the most likely to impact your local rankings. In local search, citations are your identity, and structured citations are the backbone of your local search portfolio. Helping you keep this information (name, address, phone number, and category choice) consistent across the entire local ecosystem is a key component of our local search services.

With search engines now listing blended results, the line between local search and overall organic SEO blurs. We show you how to take advantage of this by vetting out opportunities in your local market where both quality organic links and unstructured citations act as one. With a finite number of structured citation opportunities, it is unstructured citations that provide the vehicle for you to stay ahead of the competition. Our local search specialists will find authoritative placement opportunities, adding unstructured citations to relevant sites within your niche, leveraging the visibility of your brand to your target audience and in the SERPs.

After ensuring that you are listed with Google, Yahoo and Bing, we then proceed to local listing sites like Yelp, Best of the Web Local, CitySearch. Further, we will submit your business to local directories like Yellow Pages Online and Localeze, making sure your citations remain uniform throughout. If applicable, we can use coupon sites to promote your latest offers and promotions, enticing your potential customers to visit your business today.

Onsite Analysis and Optimization

Ensuring that your website is properly optimized for local search is crucial. Our SEO specialists will review individual pages of your site and provide an analysis which includes: a review of your title tags, SEO friendly URLs, anchor text, header tags, and inclusion of a crawlable NAP(Name/Address/Phone matching your structured citations) on your local specific landing pages. Our goal is to optimize these pages with your geo-local keywords, information and unique localized page content, increasing appeal to both your visitors and to the search engines. To learn more about optimizing your site for local search, check out our local search webinar for more in depth information.

Promotion and Online Community Involvement

At Vertical Measures, we explore all avenues to promote your local business. Local search becomes even more important when you consider not only how people find you through search, but what device they are doing the searching from. Effective local search marketing can help position your business to take advantage of the growing usage of mobile technology.

Our local search efforts include additional website marketing services such as comment and community marketing, press release distribution and social media. Reaching out to potential and current customers is a great way to incentivize them to review your business in a positive manner.

As search becomes more social, the importance of natural reviews is slated to increase. In addition, as search engines meld together search with social media (Google+local), the influence of social signals in the local sphere will grow. Our local search experts will monitor this evolving process, and guide your local search campaign positively through the changes. There are countless opportunities for engagement in your online local community and we know how to fully cultivate those to increase your local search presence and rankings.

If you are ready to launch your business into the local search market and employ the numerous techniques available to you, then contact us today to get started.

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