Google Penalty Recovery

Oftentimes, our clients come to us with a problem: they’ve experienced a Google Penalty and their traffic has plummeted. How do they fix it? How can they return their website the previous amount of traffic, leads, and conversions they once had? Not only can a penalty be harmful to your website; it can be detrimental your business itself. The landscape of SEO has changed dramatically with the onset of Google algorithms like Penguin and Panda. It can be confusing for companies wondering how to navigate the changes so their website continues to be an effective source of business.

That’s where our Recovery team comes in. With experience bringing numerous clients back from the brink of a penalty (both manual or algorithmic), our specialists know most all the ins and outs of Google penalty recovery. We even created a comprehensive free guide to offer people the insight we’ve learned along the way, filled with templates, spreadsheets, and tons of resources.

Download the Recovery Kit

But if that’s not enough and you feel like you need more of a guiding hand in the daunting task of penalty recovery, this is what we’ll do to get your site back on its feet:

  • Diagnose Your Penalty
  • Analyze Your Backlinks
  • Prioritize an Action Plan
  • Perform Webmaster Outreach
  • Disavow Links
  • Submit Reconsideration Requests

Diagnose Your Penalty

Sometimes it is tough to determine which penalty your website may have incurred. Could it be manual? Penguin? Panda? We’ll help you clearly identify which specific update has affected your site and when the penalty first occurred. This is the first step towards putting together an action plan for recovery, and we want to make sure you don’t waste your time chasing down a problem you don’t have.

Analyze Your Backlinks

The first action step is to create a full profile of any and all backlinks pointing to your site. We know and have access to the right tools to do just that. We’ll pull together a comprehensive backlink portfolio for you, all the while analyzing the toxic vs. healthy links, organizing by link value, visually inspecting each site the link is on, and removing duplicates from the list.

Prioritize an Action Plan

Next comes the tricky part – so we highly recommend working with Recovery specialists (like us!) to regain the integrity of your link portfolio through a strategic plan. After analyzing your portfolio of links, we’ll help you understand what to do: no action at all, prune the link, reclaim the link, or no-follow the link. An action plan will be put together for you, prioritizing what should be done first and which sites to focus on.

Perform Webmaster Outreach

Once we’ve identified which links need action, we’ll begin to perform outreach to webmasters of the questionable websites. The main thing here is documentation. We ensure that our team documents every aspect of outreach with the specific actions that we’ve taken for each link and the outcome. Hint: this will help immensely in the long run towards reconsideration.

Disavow Links

If we’re confident that a link is spammy and more harm to your website than good, then we do believe in using the Google Disavow tool, however selectively. We’ve gone through this process with many clients and have found the tool to be very helpful in certain circumstances.

Submit Reconsideration Requests

Finally it’s time for reconsideration. Maybe you’ve bounced back in the search engine results after one try, but if not, we’ll stay with you until you do since the process can often take numerous tries. Since we’ve been documenting every piece of your recovery journey along the way, all our notes will go into one reconsideration file tailored to exactly how Google wants it.

Google Penalty Recovery can often be frustrating and time consuming. However, our goal at Vertical Measures is to make this detailed task as easy for you as possible. We’ve created internal procedures to allow for a streamlined recovery process–without the headache. You will work hand in hand with our Recovery specialists to understand where the problem’s root lies, and how to work proactively in the future to keep your site clean and clear. Hint hint: it’s all about proper link building and creating quality content.

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