05 Jun 2009

Wave and Bing: The Highlights

Two search giants, Google and MSN, recently announced some pretty big developments that are sure to change the face of search as we know it.

Google leaked information on Wave, a new communication and collaboration tool via video recently. I had a chance to watch some of it….forgive me, I didn’t watch all one hour and twenty minutes of the thing. I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with what I did see. This will be an open source communication device that, to me, looks like a mash up of Twitter, Facebook, G-mail, and Google search. Mashable wrote a complete guide to Wave, that has some pretty good information.
google-waveA Few Highlights:
Real-time Chat- Alright, so it might not sound so cool to some, but in most areas of Wave you can see what the other person is typing during chat sessions…..letter by letter while they are typing it. Not so great for those of you that edit your messages before you hit enter, but cool nonetheless.
Embed- Wave’s are embeddable on blogs and pretty much any website. From Wave you are able to embed and post on your blog, and respond from Wave to any comments, postings, etc directly from Wave.
Open Sourced- Developers will be able to adapt Wave for their own uses. They will be able to develop apps, which increases the number of sites integrated into the program.
E-mail Enhanced- One of the key features with Wave is that when sending e-mail, or any other note/Wave, you are able to respond to one particular section of that document, without having to reply to all of it.
I was completely geeked when I first learned about Wave. I’ve been wanting something like this for quite some time now. It’s so hard trying to manage multiple social media accounts and with Wave I see the ability to interact and connect with ALL my friends at once with one user interface, instead of upwards of twenty that I am active on right now. Also, I love the e-mail features and the fact that it is open sourced. Just reminds me that I really need to start learning how to make apps!
Microsoft unveiled Bing recently, their new and improved search engine to online users this week. Have you checked it out? A few of their pitches in a recent commercial: Search overload is officially over…a decision engine…..It’s time to bing and decide.
Some of the key highlights to note: bing-2
Task and Decision Sessions- Bing was developed to assist users in the most basic of searches, such as checking your flight information, or something as simple as the date and time. Your search results will come back relative to your particular location, the information taken from your IP address of course.
Simplified Results- SERPs are grouped categorically in a way that allows for quick navigation of the results. More listings are on the first page of the SERPs, which can be very good for some.
Enhanced Video- Bing claims to have better search capabilities when it comes to video, but most don’t see it. Many of the search results are repeated, and some are very irrelative.
While Bing is a great site, they do have a few bugs to work out. In the end, it’s just a tricked out Live. For link builders, the biggest benefit of Bing is their task and decision session mentality. If you conform your techniques and start focusing your efforts to conform to their new guidelines, it’s likely you’ll have results on the first page of Bing quickly…..well faster than Google at least. I haven’t started using it, but probably will when they get everything worked out. Wait…but by then Google’s Wave will have come out.. :) Tell us your thoughts!


  • Ralph Jun 10, 2009

    I personally like what Seth Godin had to say about Bing. To summarize: Microsoft is trying to become the next Google, without realizing that there’s already a next Google out there; and it’s called Google.

    Case in point: Wave. This is just more proof that Google will continue to innovate while Microsoft is just trying to catch up. And come on, let’s be honest…if Microsoft comes up with something really wonderful for Bing, how long do you think it will take Google or other search engines to emulate it?

    $100 million for Bing is a complete waste. They’d be better off building an iPhone app. It’d cost less than Bing and it might actually be the most profitable venture Microsoft has undertaken in 5 years since the iphone is so popular…