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28 Mar 2013

The Authoritative Resource List for the Semantic Web

The Authoritative Resource List for the Semantic Web Movement

You’ve likely used terms on search engines that you thought should produce the information you’re looking for, only to be disappointed that the sites that show up couldn’t be farther from what you’re looking for. The principles of the semantic web movement can help search engines and end users find what they’re looking for a bit better by converting the web into a more structured format. Currently, the web is made up of unstructured and semi-structured documents. Problems occur when users try to find the information they’re looking for, because search engines attempting to help have a hard time understanding content on the web.

As SEOs, it’s important to understand the core principles of the semantic web and make changes to the structure of your site for this “utopic vision” of a better web experience. In addition, a proper understanding helps with all aspects of SEO best practices. Understanding how a search engine crawls and indexes your pages and what semantic content looks like will aid in the technical aspects of SEO. In this post, you’ll find 40+ resources to help you understand more about the semantic web.

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Beginner Semantic Web Resources

Beginner Semantic Web Resources

Intermediate To Advanced Semantic Web Resources

Intermediate to Advanced Semantic Web Resources

Semantic Web Guides, Tutorials, & Presentations

Semantic Web Guides, Tutorials & Presentations

Examples of the Use of the Semantic Web

Examples of the Use of the Semantic Web

Semantic Web Blogs & Content Publishers

Semantic Web Blogs & Content Publishers

Semantic Web Q&A

Semantic Web Q&A


  • Phil Mar 31, 2013

    Very thorough and informative post Kaila on the Semantic Web.

    I am no expert on this but hope that the direction I am going with my blog is somewhat correct to ensure that it benefits from this technology when it is fully implemented within the SERPS.

    I’m currently trying to ensure that my content includes a good deal of LSI keywords relating to my post, although following reading this I can see I need to be making a better effort at this.

    Keep up the great content.

  • Kaila Strong Apr 05, 2013

    Thanks Phil appreciate the kind words! Good luck with improving your efforts on your blog. Look forward to seeing your posts in the SERPs.