01 Apr 2010

Google to open SEO agency called Google SEO


Google SEO

Vertical Measures has learned that Google, Inc. is expected to unveil plans to launch its own SEO agency as early as May 2010, according to sources close to the situation. Google SEO Headquarters

Google is putting together an SEO team of approximately 100 employees because it feels like it needs to set the standard in an industry that often gets criticized from the outside. Google SEO will strive to only use the most ethical best practices to increase rankings without adding to the spam glut on the Internet. This implies that Google SEO will become the only search agency in the world that can guarantee first-page rankings because they have total access to the infamous algorithm.
But these rankings will come with a price. Early estimates call for the average minimum spend per client to be in the $25,000 a month range, so only serious players need apply here.
The formal announcement, expected next week, is sure to send shockwaves through the SEO industry. "Google entering into the search sphere will change the game," said Vertical Measures President Arnie Kuenn. "How can you compete with Google itself? No longer are we just dancing with the elephant, we are competing with it for our very livelihood."
That is the question SEOs around the world will be asking themselves. With Google sure to take on many of the powerhouses of the Web, the rest of the world’s website search engine optimization services will need to focus on other aspects of the search marketing business, as winning the most competitive keywords will now be even more impossible.
On the flip side, SEO agencies distraught by this breaking news can take solace in one thing. There’s always Yahoo and Bing.
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  • jenbeever Apr 01, 2010

    You really had me going there! Then I remembered that it's April 1st. Very fun!

  • Jonathan Apr 01, 2010

    Is this an April Fools joke I hope??

  • Web Symantecs Apr 01, 2010

    Can't wait to see third party SEO companies crash and burn, I am tired of hearing from clients about there past experiences dealing with shady seo companies. I believe this is going to a very good opportunity for Google to show that they can walk the walk after years of talking the talk. Although this is strange move, showing the public that they can achieve first page ranking on there own system, duh?

  • Web Symantecs Apr 01, 2010

    halarious!!! don't forget to click at the bottom link ^___________________^

  • Cartoon Games Apr 01, 2010

    Very funny. I realized it was April 1st after the first sentence though! 😛

  • Greg Apr 01, 2010

    Hey great idea and it always had to come to this. Now Google can be distrusted for not only their Adwords ads but the organic as well.

    Sheesh and we thought all along that the game was fair, boy was I a dummy.

    Yes I am going to pour all my efforts and clients into Yahoo and Bing just as you suggest… ; (

  • Chuck Reynolds Apr 01, 2010

    wait… I thought Vertical Measures WAS the Google SEO agency….. psh shows you what I know…

    oh oh oh… I want to be the Mayor of Google SEO on foursquare… 😉

  • T.J. Apr 01, 2010

    This in my humble opinion was the best April Fool's story of the day.. SEO at its best, just got a “SEO” Google Alert with this at the top of the list.. Great job

  • Mike Apr 01, 2010

    LoL – Nice linkbait – hahahaa

    Well done, nice piece :-)

  • Arnie Kuenn Apr 01, 2010

    Chuck, Google is actually acquiring VM to start their new agency. As soon as the sale is finalized, I will set it up on Foursquare and you can be the Mayor. Deal? :-)

  • web duhhhhhmantecs Apr 02, 2010

    haha you were pwnd, noob

  • Patrick Toerner Apr 02, 2010

    This is hilarious! I wouldn't even be that surprised if it were areal.

  • Nievo Jan Apr 05, 2010

    I hope this isn't real. I'm still in the process of building my seo career. What will happen to me if this is true.

  • Dee eM Bee Apr 14, 2010

    Haha ha Great Post to Fool Around: I just Gone Through the Whole Article and Finally after Clicking the last link I got it that It is April Fool Stunt

  • SEOP.com May 26, 2010

    If this is true, all SEO companies might end up closing shop because of the unfair advantage of this new company will have. For crying out loud, they don't even need to do SEO. They just get people to pay them and then put those who pay more on top of the search. SHEESH!

  • Nick Sep 11, 2010

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  • Stacy Renee Jan 22, 2011

    Hahaha Very funny, I am just starting to learn about SEO, so I am reading every article that I can get my hands on, I am definitely bookmarking this page, thank you very much for making me laugh.

    Stacy Renee
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