22 Dec 2009

5 Step Recipe to Prepare for Google’s Caffeine Update

Back in August we blogged about Google’s Caffeine ‘next-generation infrastructure’ change, and if Caffeine fits the bill for better search. Recently search insiders stated the index is now live on one of Google’s data centers, with a full roll out expected just after the holidays. Many are speculating that this update will be a vast overhaul and your site just may be affected.

So what can you do to prepare? The below 5 website ingredients should seriously be evaluated and with our list of suggested tools you can do most of the evaluating yourself!
1.)   Pour in 2 heaping cups of page load speed: At Pubcon this year Matt Cutts explicitly stated that website speed is important to user experience. We all know that generally if it involves user experience Google has, or will, find a way to incorporate it into their algorithm. Test your page speed with one of these resources: Google Page Speed Firefox/Firebug add-on, or iWebTool’s Speed Test tool.
2.)   Sift out the lumps from the mixture: For several years now Google has maintained their stance on spammy links: they don’t like them and they penalize for them. Check your backlinks, but be forewarned: some low quality sites may not show up in backlink checkers. If and when you do find out about these “lumpy” sites ask the site administrator to take down your links. A few backlink checkers include: BackLink Watch, iWebTool’s Backlink Checker, Smart PageRank, and Yahoo Site Explorer.
3.)   Knead your website to fix broken links: Obvious as it might seem, broken links take away from the online user experience. Surprisingly many don’t fix broken links within their site, as it can be tedious to find them in the first place. Find your broken links with: Link Checker, LinkTiger, or DeadLinks and “knead” them immediately.
4.)   Don’t forget to garnish, but not overly so: The quality and presentation of your site is always a factor, but with the Caffeine update its possible the new algorithm will delve deeper. Having just a few ranking factors in place isn’t enough. Optimized content, stellar website design, easy navigation, great inbound links, low bounce rate, and video/photo components will all be important. Our series of SEO videos can help with a few of these components.
5.)   Slice it into edible pieces, and serve it….with a smile: Get active on social networks, bookmarking sites, etc. Having a variety of links back to your site is one element for SEO success, and with the integration of live search into Google there is likely to be an even greater emphasis. So what can you do? Participate in social networks, communicate what your site is all about in bite size chunks (for easier digestion of course!), and work on the overall branding of your site. Look at having profiles on this list of social networking websites, getting bookmarks on a few of these 125 social bookmarking sites, and if you have to (for time’s sake) submitting your website with social bookmarking tools like SocialMarking, or SubmitEdge.
During the holidays spend time with your family, but also don’t forget to spend a little time with your website.


  • T.C. Dec 31, 2009

    Thanks for just creating a spam roadmap. This is just silly. 80 million sites all bookarking themselves. How’s that of any help to the engines. FAIL.

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