SEO Tutorial Videos

On Site SEO Tips

The SEO Videos below discuss a number of onsite SEO tips and techniques to improve your search engine ranking. Our SEO Tutorial video series offers a hands-on approach, so that immediately following each video, you’ll be able to look at your website and determine if it’s optimized. If it’s not, making the fix may require coding knowledge or the assistance of your webmaster.

SEO video

This Best Keywords Tutorial Video will discuss strategies for choosing your very best keywords. We’ll review how to use two keyword selector tools: Google Keyword Selection Tool and WordTracker. We’ll use these keyword selector tools to research the best keywords for your website, and discover what words people are really using when searching for things related to your product or service. We’ll also discuss the art of balancing keyword competition with the number of searches for a particular keyword.

meta tags

Meta Tags Video - Title, Description, Keywords – In this SEO tutorial, we’ll discuss which meta tags are important to have on your website, how to see if your website is using these meta tags, and if you are using them, how to make sure they’re optimized.

meta tags

H1 Tag and Headings Video – This SEO tutorial discusses the importance of using headings on your site, and in particular the H1 tag.  We’ll show you how to see your headings on your website, and determine if you’re properly using them to help show your readers, and the search engines, what your web page is about.

content optimization video

The Secrets of Content Optimization – This SEO video tutorial demonstrates how to optimize the content of your web pages by focusing on writing quality content with a natural use of keywords throughout the page. We’ll discuss the myth of keyword density and reveal a simple tool for checking the keyword density of any existing web page on your website and show you how to compare your results with those of your competitors.

SEO video

Using Alt Tags for Image Optimization – This SEO video will demonstrate how to determine if your images are using alt tags, title tags, proper URL naming structure and other techniques for image optimization.  We’ll also show you how to use Google image search to look for opportunities to position your product or service within Google image search results.

Sitemap Video

Creating a Sitemap – This SEO tutorial discusses the importance of having an XML sitemap for search engines and an HTML sitemap for your human visitors. You’ll learn how to see if your site has a sitemap, how to use a free tool for creating your sitemap and where to submit your sitemap once you have it.  Having a sitemap is a simple way to improve your onsite SEO and assure your webiste is being indexed and included in the search engine ranking pages (SERPs).

Internal Links Video

Internal Links – This SEO tutorial discusses the use of internal links on your website, and how to use them to improve the experience of your human visitors and your search engine ranking.

Other SEO Tips and Techniques Videos

Onsite SEO Video

Matt Cutts Discusses Onsite SEO – In this video, Matt Cutts discusses very simple tips for optimizing your website.  He discusses title tags, meta description, inbound links, blogging, social media, content writing, sitemaps, and common misconceptions about search engine ranking.

Google SEO Tips

SEO tips, straight from Google. – In this video slide show from WordCamp 2009, Matt Cutts shows you exactly what Google wants to see from your website.  He covers the mechanics of search engine optimization,  PageRank, backlinks, relevance, keywords, titles, URLs, content, reputation, and Google Webmaster Tools.

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