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Do you know what keywords your potential customers are entering when searching for the product or service you offer?

People often start searching with broad results in mind. However as they get closer to making a decision, they narrow the results by adding more keyword to their search. The “long tail” in search can be anything from three words to as many as ten. It is of vital importance to establish a web presence that shows up when your potential customer enters that longer keyword phrase in the box. This means that you most likely will need a detailed keyword analysis to find out what your customers are really searching for with their keywords.

Cornering this one aspect of search engine optimization is extremely important, and can literally transform your site to one with modest traffic, to one that is full of high quality traffic on a daily basis.

Just as themes develop in business, they also develop in keyword queries from your potential customers. Think about the fact that a retail business is constantly flooded with unrelated people looking for the same product, at the same time. Obviously this means that the product is popular, and with keyword research, this occurs all the time. But there are literally thousands of people searching every day with keyword phrases that you had never thought about using on your website.

Through detailed keyword analysis you will find out what keywords need to be attended to in order to increase traffic. Since many of your competitors are already doing this research, it might be one of the things that will finally leap frog you ahead of your competitor, and into the front of the natural search results.

Here are four outstanding free keyword research tools. We recommend you use this to make sure you’re targeting the right keywords:

SEO Book Free Keyword Tool

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

WordTracker Free Keyword Tool

Keyword Discovery Free Tool

Monitoring Your Progress – Keyword Ranking

Need to know where you stand in your industry online in terms of keywords? Keyword rank tools do just this. By comparing the most pertinent keywords in your area of specialty via the top three search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo and Bing), you will see where you could use work, and what is working well.

It is important to know where you stand when it comes to keyword rank, and on a monthly basis these tools will let you know the rankings of the pertinent keywords, and where they rank in the search engines in terms of importance. So be sure to utilize these tools not only to determine initially which ones you should target, but to keep on top of which keywords are performing the best for you, and which ones need more work.

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