29 Jun 2010

Yahoo! & Microsoft Search Alliance Transition

June 29, 2010PPC Advertising

Yahoo! and Microsoft Search AllianceThe Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance transition is fast approaching, and if you are advertising on either engine you need to be ready. The expected switch-over will take place before the 2010 holiday shopping season, however there is a possibility this could be extended until 2011.

Microsoft and Yahoo! have finally teamed up in their efforts to compete with Google and gain a bigger slice of the lucrative search marketing pie. By combining resources and their complementary strengths, Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Search Alliance is expected to provide improved results for advertisers as well as a better search user experience for consumers.

For advertisers, the major change taking place is that the Yahoo! Search Marketing platform will eventually disappear. Once the Search Alliance is implemented, Microsoft will deliver the paid and search results for Yahoo!. This will enable advertisers to manage their campaigns on both sites, as well as on their respective partner sites, solely within the Microsoft adCenter. 

Although the search and sponsored results will be identical, Yahoo! and Microsoft will still compete for search queries and provide different search user experiences. The benefits expected for advertisers, however, are increased volume, better efficiency, and more value with higher powered development advances.

You can learn more about the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance at: http://www.searchalliance.com. From there you can navigate to Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Transition Center sites that will help guide you through the steps you need to take to make sure you’re not left behind once the merger takes place. Currently, both sites will tell you to manage your campaigns as usual and to be on the lookout for upcoming communications related to the transition.

If you haven’t already, the most important step you can take is to open a Microsoft Advertising adCenter account. You can then begin importing your campaigns from AdWords and Yahoo!. If you need assistance with migrating your campaigns, be sure to contact a specialist at Site Pro Specialties. We can handle the transition for you and make sure your ads don’t skip a beat once the Search Alliance is fully implemented.