29 May 2012

Why You Should Be Remarketing

Do you ever get the feeling that the internet is keeping tabs on you? Well that’s because they are – of course, you should already know this if you’ve been utilizing remarketing tools for your campaigns up to this point. If you are new to the world of remarketing, then get ready to see higher conversion levels, more relevant customer interactions, and a potential for increased ROI, and that’s just to name a few benefits.
Did you know that 98% of website visitors come and go to your website without committing to making a purchase? That should be no surprise to you if you’re looking at the traffic generated by your AdWords campaigns on the general display network. The truth of the matter is, it’s hard to snag a sale on the first go around, and before the time of PPC advertising, it was even harder to follow-up with those customers to try and catch them a second time. However, stressing over lost interactions has become a thing of the past.
Times have changed, and PPC advertising has become more advanced, giving you more opportunities to reach out to the potential customers that opted out of buying anything on their first visit. Through remarketing you can follow-up with them and present offers that will make it hard for them to resist at least checking out your site for a second time. Finding specialized ways to reach out to potential customers increases your chance of making an impact, and ultimately making a sale.
Cookies can be attributed to the success of many remarketing campaigns. I’m not speaking of the baked variety; instead I’m referring to the snippets of code that are imprinted upon a user’s browser session when they visit your page. This information gives advertisers like you the ability to reach out to these people in a more customized way. You can target ads specifically to people who have the cookie information imparted to their browser. You can use different codes for specific pages and products on your site, this will give you a better way of knowing what the potential customer is most interested in, and thus you can create offers that will appeal to them on a more individualized level.
This knowledge goes a long way and gives you a much better shot at presenting relevant goods and services to your customers. Marketing studies have shown that behaviorally-targeted ads work 50% more often than those that are displayed at random. You can reach a number of users by being creative with the way you develop these behaviorally-targeted ads. For example, you can customize ads for people who have abandoned their online carts before checkout. You can get creative by sending them an email to “remind” them to check out, or even inform them later on if these specific items go on sale in the future. You can target ads based on products that people looked at but didn’t purchase, or you can even reach out to people who have purchased in the past to send them similar offers that might appeal to their tastes.
These remarketing emails, when formatted and presented correctly, make customers feel important without feeling over-pressured. It adds a nice touch of individuality without being forceful. Be wary of sending emails that may come off as creepy or overbearing. We’re still accepting the all-encompassing nature of the internet at different times, and you don’t want to make your customer feel like they are being monitored by Big Brother.
Use remarketing to get the most out of customers you may have missed. Studies have shown time and time again that these personalized campaigns result in increased conversions and higher ROI. Take the steps necessary to reach out to your customers that second time; you might just make a sale, and ultimately, a lasting impression.