31 Jan 2012

Sales Cycle PPC

January 31, 2012PPC Advertising

Many marketing professionals believe that PPC is only effective for obtaining new conversions. I think it’s safe to say that this is an incorrect assumption. When used correctly, PPC campaigns can be used to further implement cross selling and to increase the rate of future sales. To cut your campaign efforts after the first conversion or sale is a mistake. Use PPC to continue the relationship with those customers and to engage other customer prospects who may be easier to snag down the line.
As you already know, remarketing campaigns are a great way to reach out to people who have visited your site but never followed through with a sale. Most likely you are already aware of your landing page bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment percentages. Hopefully you have a system in place for trying to reach those customers, but are you getting specific enough? You can use PPC and remarketing in a more targeted fashion to gain that potential customer’s attention again in the future. Try presenting a series of different offers to spark that precious interest of your customer. Just following up on their initial conversion may not do the trick.
You can also use remarketing to boost your cross-selling opportunities. Use feedback from tracked sales in order to remarket related products to your current customers. This is a great opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.
It is commonplace for a customer to “shop around” when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Chances are you have a few worthy competitors out there who are also hoping to make a sale. You should consider using PPC tactics to get the upper hand in this situation. Try bidding on your competitors’ keywords for the opportunity to show potential customers how you stack up. Use your competitors’ keywords in PPC ads to inform potential customers about how you compare. You can use landing pages with facts about you versus the competitor, or you can provide special call-to-action offers. Don’t be afraid to get creative in order to get the sale.
PPC is also a great way to reach the target demographic of folks who consider themselves “do it yourself” types. It’s tax season, and let’s say, for example, that you offer comprehensive services for folks looking to file their own taxes. Many people may want to take the cheap, do it yourself route. How can you convince these people that your service is worth it? Try bidding on keywords/phrases that are sure to reach this prospective audience. A phrase like, “How to do your own taxes” is something that is probably all too familiar to them while searching on Google. Try using that exact phrase in a PPC ad as a way to snag their attention and redirect them to your unique landing page. Here you have the opportunity to sell them on a special offer, or list out the pros and cons of doing taxes yourself vs. hiring the help of paid professionals.
In addition, you should find ways to combine your specific campaign elements to reach your maximum audience. If you use email marketing in addition to PPC, then find ways for these efforts to work in harmony. While exclusive opt-in email offers can be a great way to offer incentives to those who are already loyal, you may be neglecting new customers. When you blast your offer to your email list, try scheduling a similar offer in PPC ads. This will ensure that you are reaching your current customer base, without leaving out new customer opportunities.
Now is the time to be clever about your approach to PPC campaigns. Never hesitate trying new ways to reach customers who have shown interest in the past. Get creative when showing how to compare to your competitors, or when combining campaign elements to increase your sales, and reach new customers.