15 Oct 2012

Getting Familiar with “Adwords for Video”

October 15, 2012PPC Advertising

If you’ve been searching for a new and exciting way to maximize your audience reach, you should consider implementing YouTube videos as part of your AdWords campaigns. Synergy is king right now, and what better way to increase customer traffic than by promoting across varied platforms. Even better, Google is allowing people to try “Google AdWords for Video” for free by offering a $75 credit to new users. You know what that means – now is a great time to integrate multimedia into your search display campaigns.

YouTube AdvertisingAdWords for Video experienced its beta launch last September, several years after Google acquired YouTube. This service was only available for a select number of users, but as of April 2012, the feature became accessible for all advertisers. This acquisition came with a myriad of possibilities, one being the expansion of how video can be used in conjunction with standard AdWords campaigns to grow your business.  This resulted in a more exciting and interactive experience for customers, and participating advertisers have already seen favorable results by using video to promote their goods and services.

You’re conveniently able to create and manage your video campaigns from one place, within your AdWords account. This saves time, and allows you to make easy updates when they become necessary. Simply create your video, and then choose how you would like them to be triggered. You can go the familiar route by bidding on keywords, which are associated with the videos. The keywords will target a specific audience, and when a targeted user enters that search query, your video will display on YouTube or the Google search results page (pending your performance cultivates preferable placement). As an alternative, you may choose to have your videos displayed by certain categories of interest. For example, if a user has shown an interest in retail related content in the past and you are promoting a related product in your video, your ad may be triggered by their future search.

You also have the ability to closely manage the budget associated with the video portion of your campaigns. There is not a minimum-spending requirement, so you can budget the price per view for as little as your wish, and only pay when a potential advertiser chooses to watch your video. With TrueView video ads, you will not have to pay when an advertiser skips over your ad. A percentage of the video must be viewed in order for it to be considered a paid click, which means less wasted ad spend for you.

Google also claims that because you’re reaching an audience who is actively seeking out content that may be similar to your video, you’re speaking to potential customers who have already shown an interest in what you have to offer. Because of this, you’ll be able to easily reach your target audience without having to do a lot of research on your end. By using AdWords for Video, you’ll be reaching not only the people browsing the YouTube universe, but also thousands of other targeted sites across the display network.

Of course, with the videos comes a new set of reporting features. From within your AdWords account you will be able to access reports that display how many people viewed your videos and for how long they watched. You’ll also be able to decipher who was redirected to your website and see who ultimately subscribed to your YouTube channel. As with any new venture, make sure to check reports often and tailor campaigns to reach a wide array of potential customers. Because of the nature of the video search, you’re already reaching an interested audience, and since Google is offering you the chance to try the service for free, why not give it a shot?