13 Mar 2012

Get More Out Of Content Network Ads

March 13, 2012PPC Advertising

Every online marketer wants improved impressions, high ROI and new conversions, yet you may find yourself in a rut, unable to take your numbers to the next level. If you are at all familiar with PPC advertising, then you already know that adCenter and AdWords give you the ability to arrange campaigns by content; but were you aware of just how effective this approach can be?

To start, you should make sure that you are treating your content campaigns and search campaigns as separate entities. Remember that when an ad from a search campaign is served, it is because a relevant search query triggered it to appear. From this we can assume that the user being subjected to the ad is seeing it because they were searching for something specific. The terms that they entered in the text box on Bing or Google (or any other search engine) insinuated that they had a need, and an ad was presented to hopefully fulfill said need.
Oppositely, the content-based ads have nothing to do with an actual search query. Instead, these ads are triggered when themes are extracted from recent pages that a user has visits, or even from keywords mentioned in email conversations. Because these two types of ads are dissimilar, the keywords and bids should be treated exclusively to ensure that you are getting the most mileage out of both types of PPC campaigns.
As we mentioned above, the content ads are never triggered by a specific search query, so you should be aware of this when choosing keywords. It is often safer to choose a broader keyword when content is involved. You’ll want to make sure your ad is having as many opportunities as possible to appear. Try using topical keywords that may be related to recent news for your product or industry. Keep your keyword list shorter so that you are reaching the most relevant audience. For example it would be wise to include a keyword that might appear on a blog or site that a potential customer would read online, however you would not want to include the filler words surrounding the keyword because it might limit the number of times that your ad is displayed.
Another great way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your keywords is to manage and revise the list often. It might take a few months to get a grasp on which keywords are getting the best response, however once you have this, don’t let campaigns get too comfortable. Use this valuable information to revise your keyword accordingly. This could be adding words that are similar to the ones that are performing at a high level, or incorporating new keywords that may be related to a current event or news. List maintenance is key here, so check in often to reach the widest audience possible.
Remember that when you are using content ads there are automatically less positions or slots on a page for your ad to appear. On average there are usually four positions in which your ad can appear on a page, which is about 50% of the space that would be available for a regular search ad. The limited amount of placements should be enough to light the competitive fire to ignite your tactics. Make your initial bids competitive to ensure that your ads are getting play to begin with, and don’t forget that each of the slots are linked to multiple keywords. Once you create a strong history of CTR success, you will have more luck gaining access to these coveted slots.
After you achieve a spot to share your wares, you’ll want to hook as many potential customers as possible. It goes without saying that snappy, informative ads are necessary if you want to succeed in PPC. Do some research to make your ads stand out amongst your competitors’. As you should in any advertising campaign, craft your ad message to include a strong call to action, demonstrate urgency, and solicit trust between you and the customer. All of these approaches are great ways to encourage clicks. Never hesitate to go back to the basics, especially when using content-based ads.
If you’ve been tentative to make the jump from search to content based ads, now is a great time to start experimenting. As the mobile movement continues to grow, just about everyone is using the Internet as an entertainment and research tool. Choosing clever keywords, and building a thoughtful content-based campaign is a smart way to take your business to the next level in PPC