31 Jul 2013

Analyzing the Adwords Top Movers Report

When it comes to managing a successful PPC campaign, there are many factors to consider. You want to know the ads that are driving clicks, as well as the cost associated with this traffic. You want to have a handle on which of your ads or ad groups are seeing jumps or drops related to consumer behavior. Most importantly, you want to know that the changes you apply to your account are helping you rather than hurting you. Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that you can easily analyze this data from one singular place in AdWords?

Thanks to the new Top Movers Report that was recently introduced, this is now a reality. This report provides quick insight into which ads or campaigns have seen the biggest changes related to clicks and costs. Additionally, the report will show you if any of the manual changes that you applied can be attributed to these “moves” within the affected ads and campaigns.

Because accounts can hold so much information, you may not realize big changes occurring within your account on first glance. Thankfully, this new report can pinpoint exactly which ads or campaigns are affecting your overall goals, even if your overall performance appears unscathed. By keeping a closer eye on the micro-data you can gain better control of your campaigns and your long-term goals.

You can access the Top Movers Report in the Dimensions Tab of your AdWords account. Click “View” and then select “Top Movers”. The report focuses in on two time periods of equal length, and compares the ad performance detail between the two so you can easily distinguish what’s driving the cost of your clicks. It will highlight the ads and campaigns that have experienced the biggest changes between the two times periods. You have the option of comparing 7, 14 or 28 day periods. You have the ability to pull historical reports dating back to 90 days.

The report singles out the top 10 ads or campaigns with the largest percentage in change of clicks. It then organizes the “top movers” by whether they were “top increases”, “top decreases” or “other changes”. You will also be able to see the total change over time, so you’ll know if any of the changes you applied during said time period had a dramatic effect on the performance of your online marketing efforts.

If you wish to examine the individual changes more closely, you can click on each of the categories to see additional data. For example, if you wanted to examine the changes in your campaign entitled “Brooklyn Bike Repair Shop” you may find that there is a 10% overall change associated with this selection. You can see the increases associated with impressions, click through rates, the average ad rank position and the average cost per click.

When possible, Google will also try to provide a reason as to why the change my have occurred. Possible causes can include statements such as: “Budgets were decreased” or “new keywords have been added”. You’ll find that Google’s suggested causes are directional, and may not always be the only factor relating to a change in your account. Google does not consider the outside changes that competitors have made to their accounts, which can also have an affect on your ad/ad group performance. Even so, this should still give you a sense of whether you had a direct effect positively or negatively on the campaign so you can adjust accordingly.

The Top Movers Report is a new feature meant to offer you more control over your campaigns. When you are keeping a watchful eye on your accounts, you’re bound to have more success. Utilizing the Top Movers Report is a great tool to help you make the most of your time and money. For additional details on this report be sure to visit the AdWords Help Center.

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  • Chris von Nieda Aug 23, 2013

    Great info Al thanks! I was not aware of the Top Movers report. In fact, when you click around in Adwords it's easy to see how much information and tools are available. It can be overwhelming. We are doing more and more PPC for clients now and appreciate you sharing your expertise.