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At Vertical Measures, we take great pride in our work. At the end of the day, when we turn the lights off and go home, our work is still active and working for our customers. We encounter our efforts outside the walls of our offices, in the real world. That means a lot to us. Unfortunately, we can’t share it all here. However we do have clients that are so proud to partner with us and our achievements that they helped us in creating a few case studies. We are so excited about them that we’ve called home to tell our moms about it!

We harness the power of search, social and content marketing to bring businesses to the next level and our work is proof. Browse our clients and check out our case studies. If you haven’t picked up the phone yet, you will now.


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  "Love the articles btw, very happy!  Once I get this site done I'll be ordering more!"
- Ron