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August 7th, 2009 • By:  • On-Site SEO, Tips

Many people (and even some of our clients) still do not understand some important onsite SEO factors. We try explaining over the phone or via email, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Which is why over the past couple months we’ve made a few additions to our SEO resources page, including some great SEO tips & training videos.

Our SEO tutorial videos are now available for viewing. Our team has put together informational videos to teach others how to optimize their onsite content. Want to brush up on your meta tag knowledge or need to know how to build a sitemap? Our SEO tutorial videos give you a step by step demonstration on several key factors of onsite SEO.

Click here for our SEO videos, enjoy!

Kaila Strong

As Senior Director of SEO Services, Kaila oversees both the SEO department and our Internet Marketing Strategists. She works with our expert team to uncover SEO strategies, develop link building campaigns, conduct competitive analysis, review Google penalties, execute backlink analysis and train peers on SEO fundamentals.
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