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14 Oct 2008

How to Use Link Building for Reputation Management

reputation managementReputation Management, while time consuming, is well worth the effort in order to keep the good name you’ve worked hard for.
We all know what it’s like to have people talk about us behind our backs. Oftentimes, things are said that are untrue and downright outlandish. The same can be said about businesses. It could be a competitor trying to soil your name, an employee looking to bring your business down, or even a client who is dissatisfied at the service you gave them.
The INTERNET has made it easier for your competitor, past employees or clients to publish negative data through not only review sites but through blogs and RSS feeds. Tens of thousands of blogs are published daily; imagine how many of your clients are reviewing this data.  What do you do when these start to appear in the first page or two of the search results?
Reputation Management is essential if you wish to maintain your clientele and brand yourself positively. Fortunately, link building will allow you to manage your online reputation and keep you informed on how you are portrayed in the online community.
Press Releases
Press releases are usually written when a new product is being announced, a new service is offered by your company, you have received an award, or anything you feel should be shared with the general public about your business. It is important that press releases are newsworthy, contain links back to your company, and contain keyword phrases important to your business. There are several online press release services that cater to small businesses or big businesses. The more press the better, because the overall goal is to increase positive feedback about your website.
Social Networking Sites
A great way to manage your online reputation is through the use of social media sites. The concept is to get more positive sites into cyberspace without the deployment of multiple company sites that can be time consuming to maintain and can add too much extra expense. The great thing about social media sites such as LinkedIn, MerchantCircle, Twitter, Naymz, etc….is that they are free! These sites offer the assurance for your company, no matter the size, to be represented in the first few pages of organic search results with your distinctive key words or brand. These sites integrate your keywords or phrases while also allowing you the ability to connect with a new clientele base, thereby increasing the flow of traffic to your site and most importantly managing your positive reputation.

Sites such as YouTube, Break, and Revver allow internet users to search for video pertaining to subject matters they are interested in. Mostly, these sites are used for entertainment purposes. These sites, however, can be beneficial in reputation management. Video is oftentimes given more display importance in search results provided you build links to the videos and get them distributed on other sites. 

While reputation management is not an easy undertaking, you can see how to effectively and thoroughly maintain your positive reputation with the assistance of a link building company and their reputation management services or website marketing services.  What other methods would you recommend?

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