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27 May 2008

Didn’t You Get My Email?

Normally on Tuesday, we present "DoFollow Tuesdays", but we took a nice three-day Memorial weekend break and will not have a Do Follow post this week.  But enjoy the cartoon below.  We will see you next Tuesday where, according to the voting, we will be covering links for hotels & resorts!



  • andrew May 27, 2008

    Nice photo isn’t it. You have given a nice presentation with cartoons about the link building. Thanks for sharing with us. I will visit this site in order to know the best practices regarding the link building.

  • SEO Findabiltiy May 30, 2008

    No post?! What a shame ;-) Probably the weekend gave you enough ideas about hotels & resorts.

  • Vertical Measures May 30, 2008

    Happy to see you missed us. We will be back on Tuesday!

  • Chris Lang Jun 02, 2008

    Arnie, Congrats on being a presenter at the Phoenix SEO conference!

    I am looking forward to DoFollow Tuesday, I have a local search article on my desktop just waiting for you.

    Why don’t you join Facebook so you can join my Arizona Internet Marketers Group. I could use the help.


    Write me up a quick post and I will post your SEO conference to it. If you do this it will be 100% accurate, copy and pasting by myself could be a little off.

    But seriously, Facebook does not take any of your time unless you decide to use it yourself and you are missing a good opportunity here.

    LinkedIn sucks, their coding errors took so much of my time, it took them 2 months to verify my email address and it takes a week for support to get back to you.

    See you on Tuesday.

  • Vertical Measures Jun 02, 2008

    You find the most clever ways to drop a link :-)
    I am on Facebook and can be found at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=781099889

    I’ll drop you an email with some info about the upcoming workshop which can be found at http://www.PhoenixInternetWorkshop.com :)