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01 Apr 2009

April Fools: Two Words You Might Not Want To Hear Today!

april-fools-dayI asked a few coworkers this morning, during our normal morning banter, what they thought of April Fools Day. Some weren’t too concerned, some enjoyed the pranks, and some hate it (me included!). I do not want to hear the words April Fools today!

I do, however, like seeing others get pranked. Check out some of the creative minds expressing their April Fools pranks online.
Reddit- has changed their homepage. Many were surprised to see that it is very reminiscent of Digg’s homepage. Those unfamiliar with Reddit’s normal website won’t be phased by this change, but those of us that are frequent users on the sites got a kick out of it this A.M.
After sharing the Reddit April Fools joke with Arnie he was curious to see if Digg’s site had changed to a mock-up of Reddit’s site. This wasn’t the case, but Digg got in on the day’s debauchery with a Digg submission. Click on the link and vote for the submission. Pay careful attention to the lower left hand side of your screen. I had Tony Danza pay me a visit this morning, who did you get?  
Quite a few more in our industry:
Help Save Internet Explorer 6- Victim of false accusations….sign the petition to save IE6!
Gmail Auto Pilot- Check out these automatic responses to your e-mails. Helpful? I think not!
Google Brain Search- "Put phone to your forehead for best results". A whole new way to search….
Ideology Search from Yahoo!- Choose how far left or how far right your views are to help you get the best search results possible!
TXT’N’WALK Phone App- Check out this great application for your phone. Now you can text and see where you’re going at the same time!
Exclusive: Bigfoot Discovered in Windows 7- PCPlus was first to announce to the world their Bigfoot sighting….in Windows 7, check out the pic!
Google’s Unmanned News Coverage- Google is set to begin it’s new news coverage plan: report the news as it happens with the aid of unmanned airplanes.
Bounty Hunters- For software that is. The sites slogan? "If you can’t beat your enemies, beat your friends" and help end software piracy.
And just a couple more, just for giggles:
BailoutLove- "Because even bailed out CEOs need love!"
London Financial Districts Ablaze- Complete with YouTube videos, nice touch!
Invisible Shirt- Be the envy of all your friends with this great invisible shirt! For just under $20, wow what a deal!
Woot Selling Random Crap- For $3 and $1,000,000.00 for shipping you too can have a bag-o-random-crap!
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