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November 2nd, 2009 • By:  • Miscellaneous

In case you haven’t noticed yet our site redesign is now live! Thanks to Chris, our Director of Search Marketing, for working so hard and coordinating the web design. We wanted to get some feedback from our regular site visitors and blog readers on how you feel the site looks and feels. 

Take a look at the Vertical Measures homepage and the photos, design, and dynamics. Click around the site to our link building services page, social media services page, etc…and notice all of the changes we’ve made! Even the SEO & Link Building Best Practices Blog looks different! We’re all about input here at Vertical Measures and would love to get your feedback. Hope you like the improvements, and any constructive criticism is welcomed.
Place your comment below and let us know!



Kaila Strong

As Senior Director of SEO Services, Kaila oversees both the SEO department and our Internet Marketing Strategists. She works with our expert team to uncover SEO strategies, develop link building campaigns, conduct competitive analysis, review Google penalties, execute backlink analysis and train peers on SEO fundamentals.
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11 Responses to “Announcing Our New Site”

  1. Jeff Walters Says:

    Nicely done team! I really like the clean look and easy nav. It’ll be easier to access all those nuggets of wisdom you create. Only thought I have otherwise is that I really like “ShareThis” but don’t see it on the menu of sharing options.

  2. Brian @ SocialSEO Says:

    Hi there,
    Looks good so far. The top nav is busted in Firefox, i.e. the last item “Content Creation” gets pushed down under the first nav item, Link building. You can fix this by decreasing the padding between items or decreasing the font size by one px.

    You may want to make the blog titles bigger in the blog section so they stand out more. They blend in too much with the other text and items above or below them.

    Otherwise looks good. Much cleaner than the previous design.

  3. Kaila S. Says:

    Brian and Jeff thank you so much for the awesome feedback. We appreciate the heads up on the nav bar/padding issue, as well as the ‘share this’ functionality. Should get it up and running soon!

  4. Chris von Nieda Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the feedback on the site. I agree about the blog post titles. I do have a question though I was hoping you might be able to help with in regards to the top nav discrepancy…I am unable to recreate what you encountered. It looks fine to me in FF (is there any other browser? :) Can you tell me anymore about your environment that might help clear things up. Are you using a non wide screen monitor? Mac? Unusual resolution etc? I can make the CSS adjustments you offered but don’t really want to until I can see the problem.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Chris von Nieda Says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! I am a bit stumped though because the “share this” options show just fine to us all here at Vertical Measures. Can you please explain better what is missing or you would like to see and we can try to make it happen?



  6. zen Says:

    Congrats to you team, keep up the good work to maintain the site as good as now.

  7. Brian @ SocialSEO Says:

    Hi Chris,
    Here is the browser information and a pic of the nav:

    Firefox 3.5.4 — latest version w/cleared cache

    style.css line 45 — padding:12px 18px; — fixed it for me. Sizing the nav font to one px lower (15px) also works

  8. Brian @ SocialSEO Says:

    Sorry, also meant to add this:

    Mac OSX 10.6.1, Snow Leopard
    30″ Apple display and 30″ Dell display
    Screen res on both: 2560 x 1600px :)

  9. Chris von Nieda Says:

    Hey Brian, ok I took your advice and made the “1 pixel” :) adjustment to the CSS. Should look ok now? Also it was a unanimous consensus we need the titles larger so I adjusted those as well. Hope everyone likes it now! Let me know if anyone can see any other issues.


  10. Dr. B Says:

    I hope you choose Wendy Wells for your next boost winner. She’s very committed to her patients, and to naturopathic medicine, and works with NI as a volunteer.

    Thank you…

    Dr. B

  11. Dorota Says:

    Many people will be so grateful if Dr Wells win. She is one of the person who is giving a hope to others. We all need people like her in our lives, she’s not only a naturopathic medicine Dr. she is a very good teacher. Medicine is not always necessary to cure our bodies, but faith hope, and knowledge it is very necessary and thetas what she is providing to her patients.

    Best Regards
    Actual patients

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