08 Feb 2011

What To Do If Someone Else Claimed Your Google Places Listing

February 08, 2011Local Search

Claim Google Places Listing

One of the first steps to local search marketing is to add and claim your listing in Google Places. This process is fairly simple and you can add your business listing, but occasionally you’ll run into some roadblocks that can make it a little more difficult. One of these roadblocks might be that your listing is already claimed and titled as an “owner verified listing.” If you’re the business owner and you have not had anything to do with Google Places in the past this can be troubling, but there is really no need to worry as this can be corrected.

The first step you will want to do in this situation is verify that no one at your business has taken the initiative to claim the listing. If you’ve ask around and determined that the listing was not claimed by someone at your company and you do not already have an owner verified listing you will want to create one for your company.

Here are the general steps to follow to create an owner verified listing for your company:

  • Start by listing your company/organization name exactly as it would appear in a phone book. You do not want to try and manipulate results with anchor text as this may create duplicate results.
  • Add your address and make sure it is accurate
  • Utilize a local area code phone number, not an 800 #
  • Add or create an email address specifically as means to be contacted for business-related inquiries
  • Provide the website URL for the page most related to your local business
  • Select a business category
  • Create a 200-character-or-less description of your business
  • You can submit up to ten images related to your business that are smaller than 1MB and 1024×1024 pixels
  • You can also submit links to up to five videos
  • In the additional details section you will want to add content that makes your business unique to others within your niche. It is important to make your listing stand out when compared to your competitors
  • The last step is verification, which can be done through a simple phone call, text message, or a snail mail postcard. Your listing can take up to 48 hours to go live.

It cannot be emphasized enough that you will want to be attentive to detail to ensure that all the information is correct, as the last thing you will want is to have duplicate listings for your business.

Now that you have the correct listing online, go the Google Places listing you want removed. Once you are there, you will then click on “edit this place” to report a problem.

This will bring up this screen:

Google Places Report a Problem

Select the “Place has another listing” option and provide details in the comment area with the URL of the correct listing and your request to have the duplicate listing removed. You may have to repeat the report a problem if the duplicate listing is not resolved after a few weeks.

Alternatively, you can also utilize Google support for Places, which might address other issues you could be having in claiming your listing.

Good luck and happy listing!

Do you have a story or a tip to share for perfecting the process of creating a Google Places listing? If so, comment below!


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