Linktoberfest! SEO Infographic for Link Data Visualization

Linktoberfest! SEO Infographic for Link Data Visualization

Linktoberfest! SEO Infographic for Link Data Visualization

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If you own or manage a website, you know that you need relevant links that the search engines will discover in order to achieve good rankings. But you might often wonder, what kind of links should I focus on, how many and from where?! If you provide link building services, you have probably experienced the need to visually describe the various types of links and how they are obtained to a client. In addition, many of your clients probably come to you and say “I only want PR 10 links!” or “I want 1,000 links per month at a low, low price.”

After these types of conversations, an ice cold beer might sound pretty good. Well, that is often how we feel, too. We love drinking and linking, but never at the same time, of course! In fact, we found that comparing links to beer actually makes a lot of sense. You might compare a lower quality link to Busch Light or a really hard to obtain, high quality link on a PR 10 page to the most expensive and highest quality beers in the world. Superior “.edu” links are like Vielle Bon Secours at $1,000 per bottle, which can only be found in a bar called Bierdrome in London, or the Samuel Adams Utopias at $100 per bottle – a hard to find beer with only 8,000 bottles produced per year.

We certainly can’t all enjoy the finest beers in the world every day. As long as the beer has the right blend of ingredients, then it will have a good balance, which can also be said about a link building campaign. Obtaining only one type of link doesn’t make for a good, natural mix or balance in the eyes of the search engines. With beer and links, variety is the spice of life.

This infographic illustrates the variety of links out there and the importance of having a diverse link profile. If you’re thirsty for some link info, simply scroll over the beer stein to view the various link types, a brief description of each, and how to obtain them. In addition, each link is assigned a difficulty score and quality score for your viewing pleasure. You’ll see, in general, as the quality score increases, so does the difficulty score. And, if you want an idea of how many “average” links it takes to reach each different level of PageRank, hover over the different PR values in the accordion to find out*. Bottoms up!

*PageRank calculations based upon What is a Link Worth?

Disclaimer: This infographic was created by a team of Internet marketing specialists with expertise in link building, not drinking. We are not promoting alcoholism, just utilizing beer as an analogy. And always remember, please link responsibly!

Types of Links

Content Distribution

Description: Links from press releases, article marketing, guest blog posts, aggregated links such as RSS feeds
How to Obtain: Write unique SEO optimized content, publish, promote via social networks
Difficulty Score: 1
Quality Score: 3

Blog/Forum Comments

Description: Links from forum signatures, posts, profiles, and blog “signing”
How to Obtain: Search relevant blogs & forum topics, register, create profiles, create anchor text signatures for forums
Difficulty Score: 1
Quality Score: 2

Purchased Links

Description: Links obtained through direct exchange of money, includes directories
How to Obtain: Search for keywords + sponsor, advertise, sponsored by, banner ads, submit URL, add URL
Difficulty Score: 1
Quality Score: 2
WARNING: Use caution, understand the risks, and don’t get caught buying links or Google might take your keys away!

Reciprocal Links

Description: Links from partnerships, exchanges, and trades (use sparingly, stay topically relevant)
How to Obtain: Use only highest authority relevant sites to exchange with, try to do a 3 way instead of reciprocal
Difficulty Score: 2
Quality Score: 1

Social Media/Bookmarking

Description: Links from various social media profile pages and bookmarking tools
How to Obtain: Find top bookmarking sites based on PageRank, Alexa, dofollow and submit website using good keyword anchored phrases
Difficulty Score: 3
Quality Score: 3

Embedded Content

Description: Links via widgets, infographics, badges, and other embeddedable content
How to Obtain: Create visually appealing and useful content, promote via social networks
Difficulty Score: 3
Quality Score: 4

Link Reclamation

Description: Links to no longer available resources to re-point at your pages
How to Obtain: Check Google Webmaster Tools for pages not found, contact websites linking to those to change link or redirect on your site
Difficulty Score: 3
Quality Score: 5

Natural Links

Description: Links gained naturally due to link worthy (viral) content, link baiting, etc.
How to Obtain: Create good, informative content and promote through your networks
Difficulty Score: 4
Quality Score: 5

Link Requests

Description: Links acquired through manual requests from webmasters, site owners, etc.
How to Obtain: Conduct competitive link analysis, use search operators, keyword searches, manual email requests
Difficulty Score: 5
Quality Score: 5

Tell us about some cool links that you’ve obtained and what beer you would compare them with in the comments below!