23 Feb 2010

Wordstream Interview With Arnie Kuenn

February 23, 2010Link Building


WordstreamVertical Measures’ president, Arnie Kuenn, had the pleasure of interviewing with Elisa Gabbert of WordStream this month. While we love link building, we love talking about it even more! The interview is posted on their WordStream Internet Marketing Blog. In this interview, Arnie discusses everything from what factors go into a quality link to his favorite link building tools.

We are always so excited to participate in interviews and events like this, in which you bring together industry experts to talk about current trends and best practices. It helps to build a stronger community for the SEO industry. If the community as a whole grows, individual companies will grow, too. Earlier this year, we had an awesome time conducting our 2010 Predictions from Internet Experts series and we look forward to doing something like that again in the future.

Arnie is always available for guest blog posts and interviews. Feel free to contact Vertical Measures if you’d like to chat about SEO!

Wordstream develops and markets cutting-edge SEO software and PPC software. They aim to make search marketing more accessible to more companies and make individual marketers more efficient and effective by constantly innovating and automating on their behalf.

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