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22 Feb 2012

What Is the Future of Link Building? [VIDEO]

February 22, 2012Link Building

Q & A Wednesday

Arnie Kuenn answers: what is the future of link building?

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So today’s question is: “What is the future of link building?” It’s a question we’re being asked a lot here in the last six months based on personal search results, Google+ being rolled out, Google Plus Your World, social media, so on and so forth. And my answer is it’s still pretty darn important. I think it’s going to be important for years to come.

But what we are doing with our clients is recommending they look at two different approaches for link building. One is the kind of link building that’s been going on for years, and we probably call that manual link building, where you’re actively, proactively seeking out sites that would link back to you. We do that quite a bit for our clients, and I recommend everybody continue to do that. They absolutely count as votes for your site.

But the other thing I would start to work into your link building mix as we go forward is link attraction. Create some really, really good content, whether it’s a free guide or an infographic or maybe a top ten list and get out and promote that content through your social media channels, and that by itself is going to draw links to your site, either directly from other bloggers or from these social media sites that you’re interacting with.

So, as far as the future of link building goes, I think it’s safe. I think you need to continue to invest in that to help with your overall SEO rankings and to send traffic to your site.