15 Dec 2008

Ten (More) Links You Can Get Right Now

December 15, 2008Link Building

Back in March 2008, we posted a great little article called "10 Good Links You Can Get in the Next 50 Minutes".  By popular demand, we have researched additional resources for garnering great link juice for your website, and came up with the highly creative title, "Ten (More) Links You Can Get Right Now."  Personally, I voted for “Ten Links Strikes Back,” but that’s a whole different story.  As you know, it is imperative to keep up on your link building efforts, and we understand how difficult it can be trying to generate new and different links that will register well with the search engines. We hope you’ll find these ten resources as useful as we did.

Two social networking sites you should join right now. – Facebook and LinkedIn are the social networks in vogue at the moment, especially in the business world.  There are plenty of ways to get noticed and to make connections with other people on both sites, without much spam or the overwhelmingly adolescent element that plagues MySpace.  Both networks allow links back to one’s site in the profile, which provide quite a bit of authority based on the popularity of both domains.

One voting site you should be submitting content to. – About a year ago, Digg would have been the uncontested champion in this category, but since that time it has been inundated with spam (and disrespectful users) and they’re starting to ban accounts frequently.  Therefore, Mixx is the new site of choice here, and since they also allow links in profiles, creating one is a great opportunity for any link builder.

Two local sites you should be in now. – Google Local is the obvious choice here and, for the most part, their submission process is straightforward.  Go to https://www.google.com/local/add/ and claim your listing before someone else does!  Another excellent local search site is http://www.localsearch.com.  At the moment they don’t have a form for listing submissions, but their contact people respond promptly and are willing to add listings to their index.

A free Wiki Site to use. – While most Wiki sites aren’t particularly SEO friendly, http://www.mywikibiz.com allows registered users to add a Wikipedia-type page about oneself, a business, or pretty much any entity.  Their site is fairly popular and they want lots of content, so go give them some!

A niche site to create a page on. – YouBundle:  It’s neither a Wiki nor a bookmarking site, yet it allows you to create your own content, complete with links.  However, you have to be careful; they only want quality pages that are topically encompassing and (mostly) objective.  I think a couple of my bundles may have already been deleted, but whatever, they’ll never know who I really am!  Wait, which user name did I sign up with again? …

A directory to be in. – Many people are wary of directories these days, but they’re not quite as bad as some make them out to be, especially if you choose the right ones.  Family Friendly Sites is of excellent quality and they have an option for a one-time review fee, which makes them very affordable.  Don’t allow fear of overcrowded categories stop you since most of them are actually very clean; submit your site right now!

Blog commenting you can do right now. – While it’s tempting to try and find a single really great blog post to share, blog commenting has become so essential to certain SEO campaigns that a single post won’t make much difference overall.  So, why settle for one comment?  Go to:  http://linkbuildingbible.com/dofollowdiver/ and search for your keywords.  Their tool finds only DoFollow blogs to comment on, so make them good ones!

This post! – So you’re reading this blog and you’ve gotten this far.  Maybe you like the content and maybe you don’t, but you almost certainly have some kind of an opinion that is valid.  If you think it out and expand on it a little bit, you can come up with something useful to say.  Just make 3 respectful and informative comments on our site and your comment links will become DoFollow; do comment away; we certainly don’t mind.

So there you have it; 10 more links you can get right now.  Even if you did no other link building for a site, these options are a great way to give the search engines many great ways to find your domain and index your pages.



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  • Krys Mar 07, 2010

    Good post, I love the quick ideas that you have, like quick social bookmarking etc, makes link building a lot more of a dynamic and varied process.

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  • Profitable Niche Sep 27, 2010

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  • Nathan O'Leary Dec 22, 2010

    Many of these link building opportunities still work today even though this article is a few years old. SEO doesn’t change over time. it is and always has been—for the end user. Keep that in mind when planning and executing your seo strategy.

  • isocceryou Jan 04, 2011

    i’ve seen the “ten links u can get in 50 minutes” and this post as its follow-up, in both posts, u suggested links r defenitely high quality links ,but i’m afraid the quantity is not gonna be enough to promote a website,so i’d like to know what’s ur pro advice in bulk link building ? thx :)