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23 Oct 2007

Recent Link Building Success

October 23, 2007Link Building, Success Story

I have launched some successful websites over the last few months and here is my recipe for link building success. First off I always make sure to have some content on my new sites before I start link building. Even though most folks understand that a new site needs time to build up quality content, it is always nice for your first visitors to get a good first impression. I was always a big fan of weird news stories so around 6 months ago I started a blog featuring strange news headlines.

After registering an appropriate domain name, www.VeryWeirdNews.com I put up a couple of my favorite odd news stories with some added commentary. Then I submitted to my own private list of 50 free web directories. When submitting to free web directories you should look for those that are visually appealing, well maintained and approve quickly. Then I moved on to my list of paid web directories, again focusing on the ones that offer good value. Next I wrote a few interesting articles on strange news and distributed those to some article directories. I submitted a couple of my most interesting news tidbits to social bookmarking sites and I always keep an eye out for good advertising deals. Natural links take a little more patience to build but if you have quality content they will come too. Now my site gets around 100-150 uniques a day and generates a little revenue via Google adsense. I still have a lot of work to do but this website is bound to be an even bigger success a year from now.

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