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24 Jul 2008

Rankings, Reputation, & Optimization

July 24, 2008Link Building

Because of its widespread use today, Search Engine Optimization is much less of a mystery than it used to be. If someone was especially interested in gaining rankings for their site, enough information exists on the internet to instruct them in such an endeavor with relative ease. For example, a recent article by Jeffrey Smith on SiteProNews covers all the basics of link building – the single most important aspect of making any lasting gains in search engine rankings.

Without dictating exactly how to accomplish the sometimes formidable task of getting relevant backlinks to one’s site, Jeffrey does a very good job of showing how much of a difference each piece of the linking puzzle makes. The anchor text of each link is given special attention because of its enormous power in getting sites ranked for the keywords they want. Additionally, he goes over some of the factors inside each site that can help or hurt their rankings. Ultimately this article shows very clearly that SEO is mainly about maintaining consistent quality inbound links, along with regular internal website maintenance to keep the overall niche that a site serves coherent and relevant. With all these efforts in place, higher search engine rankings will naturally follow for any valid site.

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