04 Feb 2010

Race For the Best Link

February 04, 2010Link Building


Every month here at Vertical Measures our team competes for a few things: employee of the month, atta-person awards (an employee to employee card given for exemplary work), and the best client link. Employee of the month is determined by votes, atta-person cards are accumulated and drawn out of a hat, but the best client link is the hardest to award. What makes a link ‘the best’? Is it the client link placed on a high page rank site without anchor text, or a link placed on a lower page rank site with anchor text? Of course relevance is a large factor, but when it comes down to it the determination of a final winner isn’t clear.

At this week’s Monday meeting (when the awards were given out) two of our employees, Michael and James, were up for the award. A debate ensued, and it was determined there is only one real way to determine a winner: a race off! In the red shirt we have Michael Schwartz: 5’7 1/2″, and in the blue shirt we have: James Constable: 6’5″. Wanna know who won the title of “Top Link Builder”? Check out the video below!


  • Double Vee Feb 04, 2010

    Hey guys – looks fun! Do you handle pay rises the same way? :-)

  • Kaila S. Feb 05, 2010

    OooO good idea, maybe we should! :)

  • Awards and Certificates Feb 06, 2010

    Really there is always a race to become the best link.

  • Michael Schwartz Feb 07, 2010

    Great idea, I wish we handled pay raises this way!!