24 Mar 2008

Are You Buying Links or Outsourcing Your Link Building?

outsource link buildingIt’s a simple question, but plenty of people get confused by this one. There’s a huge difference between outsourcing your link building and buying links. One is a simple exchange of cash for particular links. It’s a straightforward transaction – you pay for a particular link; that’s it. I’m not saying that there aren’t many different types of links you can buy – there are. 
Link buying is generally a pretty standard transaction. In most cases, you are renting text links from websites, but you could also be buying reviews or sponsoring a website theme. The key is that you are making an out-and-out purchase. There’s a cash transaction specifically for the link itself.
Outsourcing Your Link Building
Outsourcing isn’t about buying links at all. When you outsource your link building campaign, you are hiring someone to do all of the dynamic link building work you would do if you had the time and resources to do it yourself. It doesn’t mean making credit card transactions to buy static links or put up banners.
Outsourcing means you trusting your campaign to a link building service who will take the time to learn about your business, your goals and your vision. They will do in-depth research about your industry, your competition and your company so that they can create dynamic links that aren’t purchased. They’ll be doing the kind of interactive link building services that creates real buzz in your industry. 
If you find the right company to outsource to, they will involve an industry researcher and a professional copywriter familiar with your industry who can develop articles, blog postings and press releases about what you do that will capture the attention of visitors to your own website and countless others.
They will be familiar with authority sites, industry sites, education pages and quality news feeds that you just wouldn’t have the time to research or the access to if you were trying to build links yourself. It’s this unique combination of skill and access that makes outsourcing your link building campaign a good idea for many businesses. 
What Sets Link Building Apart from Purchased Links

Link building is inherently content-rich. It isn’t about just the link – it’s about what surrounds the link. Because the link is imbedded in some kind of content that has to justify its existence, it naturally has to be something interesting enough to be of value. It may be an interesting how-to article, a thought-provoking response on a popular blog, a press release that’s been picked up on an industry news wire, a YouTube video…it really doesn’t matter where the link is. 

What matters is that the content is valuable to the reader, which makes the link more credible than a typical purchased link. It’s also why outsourcing your link building can be such a great investment – you aren’t buying links; you’re buying a team of researchers, bloggers, writers and industry experts who are doing what you would do if only you had the time and energy!

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