07 Aug 2008

One Way Link Building Techniques

There’s no doubt that link building strategies improve a website’s link popularity and search engine ranking, and one way link building can be one of the strongest weapons in your link building arsenal. It’s also the most difficult type of link to achieve. After all, you’re essentially striving to get a link to your own website from other sites without any reciprocal action on your part. You aren’t giving them a link in return, so you have to really strive to develop those one way links.
There are several ways to develop a one way link building program that can work for you. Try each one and see how they work – a combination of several is your best bet. Over time you’ll figure out which ones are giving you the best results.
Blog Posts – This involves getting respected bloggers to write about you or your website. In addition to the benefit of having the topics discussed by recognized “experts,” often they will link back to your website within relevant text with an appropriate anchor text link. 
Keep in touch with bloggers and website owners relevant to your industry and send them newsletters, announcements and emails that will get them interested. Occasional products they could review are also a great way to get them on board. Remember, it’s a small price to pay for them to write a feature piece about your product or service.   The biggest advantage of a contextual link is that it tends to stay in place longer than many other links. When it’s an integral part of a particular article rather than simply a random link, it isn’t going to “drop off” as part of a shift in link building strategies. It remains as long as the post remains. 
Press Release Marketing – Press releases are a marvelous way to increase the visibility of your website. They get your news and information in front of a potentially limitless audience through targeted distribution. A properly written and distributed press release can reach hundreds or even thousands of online outlets in a matter of days, increasing the profile of your website and providing incoming links from every site that carries the story about your business. The traffic it drives to your site will be equaled only by the increased rankings you’ll see.
Article Marketing –  Article marketing actually provides two benefits: it gives you contextual links back to your website and it allows your site to become the authority on a given topic. Because those who read articles you’ve written on a particular subject are generally following a link because they are already highly interested in the topic, traffic to your site will convert better than typical search traffic. It’s crucial that you provide articles that are informative, nut just fluff, and that you place them on high quality sites that are respected. 
Blog Comments – Commenting regularly on relevant blogs can be a great source of traffic and links for your websites. In fact, a couple of SEO companies have recently proven that links from blog comments can be pretty powerful. The key is to make sure the comments are professional and related to the original posts. General comments such as “Hey, great post. I agree completely!” will be ignored by most readers because they’re transparent attempts to attract links. If you provide thought-provoking commentary and helpful suggestions, however, you’re adding to the value of the blog and readers will want to follow your link to learn more.
Bookmarking – Getting your site noticed on sites like Furl, Simpy, De.licio.us, StumbleUpon and others that rate sites for their quality and interest can lead to impressive as web surfers visit and vote. Be sure you’re bookmarked on these popular sites for lots of incoming links.
Directories – Directories are pretty straightforward – steer clear of those that will accept everyone one and look for those that have editorial reviews. The more discriminating the directory site, the better the ranking you’ll get by being associated with that particular directory. If the directory has particular standards you need to meet and a review process before you can be accepted, it’s a good sign that the directory is a respectable one.
Videos – YouTube and other sites allowing you to post your own videos with links back to your site are great ways to increase traffic to your site. These days there’s no predicting what videos will go viral, and short “how to” videos are an excellent way to educate viewers and build trust.
Social Media MarketingOn Google’s own webmaster forum social links were recognized as a valuable source for inbound links – you can’t find a much better advocate for the validity of this source of incoming links. Because of the informal, social-based nature of this form of marketing, search engines tend to trust these links. Place content on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo and other social networks for instant links. These sites give you lots of leeway on the type of content as well – you can blog, provide social commentary, write humorous essays…there is a wide range of things you can do on social media sites, so be creative.

By working with these eight ways to create incoming links, you can develop a solid one way link building strategy that will promote your website across a wide variety of online media and place you solidly in the page rankings.

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  • Article Marketing Aug 07, 2008

    You may also want to mention regarding article marketing is to send in articles with excellent grammar instead of second language fluff.

  • Glyconutrients Aug 07, 2008

    No doubt, all search engine demographics revolve around all these aspects. Some of the are pretty easy to achieve and some of them are bit difficult. As a whole it is kind of campaign for me which is essential for each website. Thousand links in one day will suspect a site and it is not a good practice. Link building is a ling process and a worthless effort. it is not only concerned with PR anymore but there are a lot more things attached with it, SERPS is another good example for that. Thanks for compiling all those thoughts at one place.

  • sushilver Aug 07, 2008

    Above given steps are power full resources to get one way links but in social networking and blog commenting require some special care because you can mark there as a spammer so behave positively.

  • Julia at Fast Blog Finder Aug 08, 2008

    There are a lot of link building methods one can use. A good thing is not to stick with just one link building tactic but use a variety of them. In this case, links will look more natural to search engines. Link building is not a one-time action but a consistent process. It’s better to get fewer links regularly rather than a hundred of links one day.

  • Jack from eyeflare travel tips Aug 08, 2008

    This is a really solid roundup. However, I’m noticing that the ever-present linkbait category isn’t included. Are you no longer believers in linkbaiting, or is there another reason this tactic isn’t included?

  • Vertical Measures Aug 08, 2008

    @ article marketing – yes proper English is always a good idea
    @ Julia – glad to see you here. We like your product
    @ Jack – linkbait is actually an excellent tactic, but most people don’t realize how rare it is to create successful linkbait, so we tried to stick with highly successful techniques

  • Tony Aug 09, 2008

    A good comment was made about grammar in articles. The commenter is dead right, but this doesn’t only apply to articles. There are far too many blog posts that have clearly been written in a hurry, badly spelled and clearly only there to provide a backlink.

  • inkode seo Aug 10, 2008

    I’ll cut to the chase.

    Article marketing – does it still actually work? I have not used this to promote any website for a few years now.

    Is there still any value in this? (from a contextual links view as opposed to traffic generation)

  • Vertical Measures Aug 10, 2008

    @inkode – article marketing still works if you take the time to do it right. Blasting only to ‘free article directories’ won’t gain you much, but hand submitting to niche or quality artle sites still gets some nice link juice.

  • wii fit Aug 14, 2008

    I am agreed with on of the replies on this post. I think we should be careful about having links on social media sites. I have read something about twitter black list. Twitter has figured out some criteria to know that if some person is a useful contribution or is just a spammer.

  • Stu the Adelaide SEO Aug 19, 2008

    Commenting on blogs is a great one, which I teach my clients to do themselves.

    I give them a list of search terms to use, teach them how to find out if a blog is using nofollow, and encourage them to get into the conversation.

    Works wonders, makes them feel involved in the process, and it means I don’t have to build links for them! 😉

  • Debbie (aka The Perfume Fairy) Aug 20, 2008

    I notice that there was no mention of signature links in forum posts as a method of link building. Is this no longer seen as effective (assuming it ever was) even when posting to a forum relevant to the linked site?

  • Vertical Measures Aug 20, 2008

    @Debbie – actually Forum signature links can be reasonably effective if done properly. Just an oversite on our part. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • Lenin Nair Aug 29, 2008

    Link building techniques, I believe, can always be revamped. I think, you can come up with more ways every time. Particularly, I liked your method of submission of press releases. There are a million bloggers budding every day, looking for quality templates, and preparing quality templates is another way for link building.

    However, I always believed that persuasion links are the best in the long run. You need the links to remain rather than be taken away right. Also, no nofollow links should be there. It is a lovely article you have written. Good work.

    Lenin Nair

    Ten most effective tips for link building

  • Kiowa Jackson Aug 29, 2008

    I see paid links aren’t mentioned in here :) Too many companies rely too much on paid links…as they get better at discounting them all those old links will become worth less and less and the sites who rely too much of them will see their rankings fall rapidly

  • Singapore SEO Sep 01, 2008

    Blog commenting on relevant blogs has its own value in SEO when done properly. Meaning to say, writing comments that contribute to the posts and providing informative thoughts on the subject. Do not write for the sake of a link, that is simply spamming.

  • Wes Sep 10, 2008

    Link building can be time consuming and a daunting task, but I’ve found that you can outsource a lot of it and leverage your time.

  • The Hip Zone Sep 15, 2008

    Wes, I think it is even difficult to outsource such work because we always needed this type of work to be done as early as possible. Once I have hired someone and after a week of lame excuses he had to refund me so I wasted my time.

  • Zrii Sep 30, 2008

    Here is a GREAT tool that really speeds up the bookmarking process, especially if you already have account with these sites. You can bookmark your content to up to 49 sites in a matter of minutes. Check it out: http://www.socialmarker.com

  • eorganics Jan 14, 2009

    All the techniques you have mentioned to get one way links are really good but it is also necessary to understand how to use these resources. Blog comments is one of the good techniques to get links but some people are not using it correctly and it looks like spam.

  • Groomsman Gifts Feb 17, 2009

    Great article! It’s always good to hear of new ideas on how to build links.

    About the YouTube links, you’re specifically talking about traffic and not SEO, right? Because those links are nofollwed. Just looking for a clarification.

  • arniek Feb 17, 2009

    YouTube links help with traffic & SEO. We have seen many times that nofollow links still help with SEO.

  • science dictionary Mar 02, 2009

    Awesome post!

    @Groomsman It says in the blog that YOUTUBE is to increase traffic to your site

  • Wii MotionPlus Blog May 11, 2009

    Wow nice techniques thanks for sharing. I think blog commenting is one of the best it also helps you read a lot of new posts around your niche etc. I still didn’t tried the press releases maybe next month I will give it a try.

  • Billet d'avion Sep 16, 2009

    Same as other. Blogging is a “time-eating” activity. But, it reveals efficient.

  • Find Cheap Buys Jan 06, 2010

    Good points, although article marketing is becoming less and less useful. nowadays most of the sites that scrape and repost articles take all of your links out and replace them with their links, which removes the SEO value.

  • Lassar Feb 01, 2010

    Are social links really that useful ?

  • Kaila S. Feb 02, 2010

    Yes, very much so. While they are almost always no-follow in nature, they do provide better user experience. And Google has come out in saying that tweets and links associated with those tweets do provide value, counted in their algorithm.

  • Pink Laptops Sep 09, 2010

    Yeh i agree with you on the blog commenting. It's a great way to get links so long as you actually write a proper comment and not some drivel. Taking the time to do it properly will make it more likely your comment gets published and you get that all important link!