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08 Oct 2008

Link Building for Website Traffic

website trafficIn addition to its other marketing benefits, link building offers ways to directly and indirectly increase website traffic.

Link building is just one part of an effective online marketing strategy, but it is a very important part, as it typically accomplishes several goals at once. The first goal is: Link building is a powerful tool for improving and generating higher search engine rankings. The average web surfer putting key words into search engines will not search past page two of the findings.
Although this is often the main goal of a link building campaign, it should not be your only goal. Link building is also great for website traffic generation. The more customers you get to your website the better! Your sales will soon increase, your product/service will be branded, and you will expand your business tenfold.
Here are several ways in which your link building campaign can, and should, generate more traffic to your website.
Press Releases
Search engine optimized press releases are usually written when a new product is being announced, a new service is offered by your company, you have received an award, or anything you feel should be shared with the general public about your business. The writer is able to embed keywords purposefully linked back to your website. Embedded links are organic backlinks to your website, thereby growing SEO importance. Also, of great importance, is where the press releases are published. You could receive national attention just simply by posting a press release of interest to the media.
The great thing with press releases is that any business, large or small, is able to utilize this strategy to build links and increase web traffic. There is interactivity within the optimized press release by offering not only embedded links, but RSS feeds, video, images, and more. More interactivity in your press release could increase the attention your press release receives by the media.
Click Through Traffic
Another way to use link building for website traffic generation is by placing your links in places frequented by your customers. This is one of the ideas behind article marketing: When publications reprint your articles, with the backlinks intact of course, they usually choose articles their readers will be interested in. You are also able to control the areas where this information is posted. This allows you to gear your traffic to customers who are actually interested in your specific product.
The same holds true in other approaches to link building, such as blog comments and discussion forum posting. If you contribute something relevant and useful to the niche community, readers will be likely to check out your website to see what it has to offer.
Think of your links as road maps back to your site. If readers like your article, blog comment, or forum posting, they will be likely to follow the link and check out your site. So while these approaches increase your perceived link popularity with the search engines, each link also brings you additional website traffic from the readers of that website, publication, blog, or forum.
Many Reasons for Link Building
Link building is a strategy for online marketing that offers many benefits simultaneously. Link building offers benefits to your business’s online traffic, focusing on interested customers, and getting the word out there to media outlets about your business.  From whichever angle you look at it, link building is a valuable method of online marketing!

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