22 Jul 2008

Google’s Take On NoFollow vs. DoFollow

DoFollow TagsEvery Tuesday we pick a vertical market based on the number of votes a market receives at our Vertical Market Poll.  However today, we are going to do something a little bit different with our “DoFollow” post.  As we continually get asked how Google feels about NoFollow, we are going to provide some information about DoFollow vs. NoFollow.  Much of this comes directly from Google and some of it is not exactly breaking news, but we hope to anwer a lot of your questions with this post.

Let’s start off with a video interview of Matt Cutts at SMX several weeks ago.  You need to listent to the whole video to hear Matt announce Google’s webpage regarding NoFollow usage.  There is also some other interesting information in the video.



Now that you have watched the video, here is a link to the Google Webmaster page covering “What is NoFollow and why was it created“.   And here is a great summary of the Google information on Jaan’s blog, along with additional info.

Personally I am not sold on the fact that NoFollow really means Google, Yahoo or any other engine won’t follow the link.  In fact, I may be just wishful in my thinking, but I believe many NoFollow links are still passing link juice.

What’s your opinion?  Let us know in the comments below, those that are accepted will get a nice “dofollow” link from us (after all it is DOFollow Tuesday!).  I am sure the experienced SEO is already tiring of this subject, but we still get asked about it on a weekly basis.

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  • Vertical Measures Jul 22, 2008

    @Chris – Always a pleasure hearing from you. I know what you mean about turbulent – we’ve been busy! And I know what you mean about Google looking right past NoFollow – it’s been my stance for quite a while now.

  • arniek Jan 02, 2009

    @Hatch – sorry but not going to help build links if you aren’t going to be totally honest. You didn’t build those blogs last night.

  • Thomas Jun 03, 2009

    Has anyone conducted some backlink building exercises on two websites? One with all no follow backlinks and one with all dofollow backlnks? I think this would be a great measuring stick!

  • Mary Winston Jul 24, 2009

    “nofollow” is a good choice if you don’t want to share your PageRank with the targetted sites or in case you do link sales, that’s a good point so people have an alternative to choose.

    IMHO setting all of your links to “nofollow” is not always good. Just let if flow, if targetted sites have great contents, related niche with yours, why don’t we just give them a buzz :)
    I think they will be glad to share some of their PageRank as return, you know, I always believe on “the more you give the more you get”.

    I found some sites keep “nofollow” on comment section, let’s say you are the person and you write a comment manually to respons an article, do you think you’re proper for a link love?
    I do and I think most of you will agree with me. A “dofollow” show that we have a respect to what they typed.

    So..how about if we linked to untrusted sites and set a “nofollow” link to their sites?
    I could only say, if you don’t trust that site, why bother to link to them, just delete it from yours lol

  • Jeff Bader Nov 14, 2010

    Thank you for writing this article, and thank you all for your informative responses. From what I can gather, it is still useful to acquire backlinks even if they use the noFollow attribute. This knowledge will definitely help me in my own SEO pursuits. Thank you again!

  • Leslie Nov 05, 2011

    I would have to agree with the comments made on this post if google simply ignored PR on nofollow links people wouldn’t still attempt to spam comment sections of blogs on mass.

    A different technique i’ve seen recently is spamming links within their own site eg 10+ links on a page all to the same url, and seems to be quite effective if combined with keyword spamming purely from a black hat seo perspective anyhow.

  • foundalive.org Dec 14, 2011

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