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06 Jan 2009

Ask And Answer Sites: Can They Benefit You?

Marketing online for big or small websites can become daunting if you don’t randomize your approaches. A social marketing campaign, varied in its approaches, will give your client better results in achieving search engine domination. Using question and answer sites can prove to be beneficial if using them properly.

You might be asking yourself how on earth these question and answer sites could help in SEO or link building efforts. Q&A sites allow you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Most sites require you to sign up, make a profile, and earn points to advance in expertise levels. Answering questions provides you with more points than asking questions, and signing in daily can also add to your points. As you become an expert your answers are more likely to be chosen as the top answers, and your status elevates accordingly. In your answers, you are also able to add no-follow links back to the resources you used to gain your knowledge. Placing your web address, or a client’s web address, in this allotted space has the potential of being seen by many viewers if your answer is chosen as the best.
The key with Q&A sites is to look at them as resources for potential clients searching for answers. Do you work in the automotive industry? Think about the questions your potential client might ask such as, “What is a hella light?”, “How do I find the best deal on purchasing a car?”, or “My car makes a funny noise, what should I do?”. These are all opportunities for you, as an expert, to help guide them to your website. It is a slow and steady race, but the more varied you are in your approaches the better overall result.
Try to stick to niche Q&A sites if you want the biggest impact for your effort. Also important, however, is the page rank of each site. You want to be seen not only by each Q&A site’s users, but by search engine users as well. If a future client types into a search engine the same question you answered on a high ranking site, then the likelihood of your answer populating on the first few pages of Google is greater. All this from a free site you might log onto for ten minutes every few days to help promote yourself or a client’s website.
Niche Sites, Lower to High Page Rank
Ask The Rabbi: Page rank 0/10, ‘The website where every question is taken seriously. From beginners to advanced, from the practical to the mystical, our international staff of scholars and educators are standing by to answer your every questions about Judaism’.
What Should I Say Page rank 2/10, Get the answers to questions about what you should say or do in sticky situations. This site is mostly geared to business and personal relationships.
Got Questions: Page Rank 5/10, ‘Seeking to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing Biblical, applicable and timely answers to spiritually related questions through an internet presence’.
Trulia:Page Rank 5/10, Get answers to all your Real Estate questions.
LinkedIn: Page Rank 8/10. ‘Let’s you tap the knowledge of your professional network, and to help you get fast and accurate answers to your business questions’.
High Ranking, Good Sites
Answerbag: Page Rank 6/10. Standard ask and answer site, topics ranging from celebrity trivia to Russian name origins.
All Experts: Page Rank 6/10. Very first large scale Q&A site, standard site.
Askville: Page Rank 6/10. Askville is Amazons version of a Q&A site, this site is all about sharing.
Answers: Page Rank 7/10. ‘Your free “one-stop shop” with instant information on over 4 million topics’. When most people think about asking or answering questions, they think of this site.
Yahoo Answers: Page Rank 8/10. ‘With more than 21 million unique users in the U.S. and 90 million worldwide, Yahoo! Answers is the largest knowledge-sharing community on the Web’. Yahoo is often seen as the pioneer for Q&A sites.
QNA Live: Page Rank 8/10. MSN’s version of Yahoo! Answers, this site provides you with a community of real live people asking and answering questions that appeal to their interests.
By using one of the sites listed above you will be able to start your journey to becoming an answering expert as a link builder. At first stick to one site, but once you get the hang of it, perhaps branch out to two or three different sites. Just remember, the more effort you put into it the more benefits you’ll receive in return.